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Got 20 week scan appt through!

Hi ladies How is everyone? Doing well I hope image I got my 20 week scan appt in the post this morning, it's on 20 December! Excited. We are hoping to find out whether baby is a girl or boy and then we can really get on with planning and buying nursery stuff, thinking of names and so on. I have an appt with the midwife in the morning too, first time I've seen her since my booking appt. Hope I can hear baby's heartbeat and hope dd behaves while I'm in there, ha! x


  • Hiya!!! I'm due on the 20th may!!! I've got my Doppler appointment next weds and my 20 week scan on the 3rd of jan!!! Really looking forward to my next scan as my partner couldn't make the first!
  • Ours is on the you get to find out the sex of your baby at this scan?

    My hubby is more concerned about whether he can buy a Man U kit or not!!!!

  • SAME!! The boyf has said he would love a boy to take to the football blah blah! I'm going to find out image
  • Yeah this is the fetal anomoly scan where they check that all is as it should be and most areas will tell you the gender if they can get a good look at that area image x
  • Ooh...very exciting that the 20 week scan dates are coming through....I'm still waiting for mine....according to my dates it should be just before christmas, we plan on finding out the sex if we can! x

  • I've got mine on the 17th, can't wait 2 see the 2 little ones again, bit worried as haven't felt moving much which is normal I know just thought I might feel it earlier with there being 2 in there, we're going to try not to find out but it'll be hard as I have to have growth scans every 4 weeks after the 20 week scanimage x x

  • Every 4 weeks? Blimey Lorraine...that is a lot of scans. Are you going to find out the sex of the twins?

  • We're going to try not however temptation might get the better of us x

  • Well, today has been a good day....had midwife appointment this morning and heard babys heartbeat image. Then got home this afternoon to a letter with my 20 week scan date...21st December image.

    Hope you're all ok ladies! xx

  • Ah that's great news babe! 3 weeks to go image x
  • Awwww that's great!!! Just in time for Christmas
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