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Still around, not been on much!

I feel terrible, like I'm dipping in and out of here!! Life has been pretty hectic recently. Both boys came down ill, I got flu at the same time (despite the flu jab) so really really struggled to look after them on my own while dealing with it all. Was just starting to feel human again and had a midwife appointment at 15 weeks where she couldnt find the heartbeat - but she also couldnt hear any sounds of movement, and my uterus was measuring 4 weeks ahead so she was worried something had happened and I was getting an infection!! I had an emergency scan the next day and thankfully everything was fine. I'm seeing her again tomorrow, but although I've used my doppler at home I still cant find a heartbeat - I am feeling movements now though and can hear them on the doppler so am less concerned. Just feels like one long roller coaster ride at the minute!!! I'm still loaded with cold and have a nasty cough, but slowly getting there I think, and still house hunting at hte same time!!! All I want is some sleeeeeeeep!!! How are we all doing?!?!?!


  • Oh, poor you. That sounds really stressful...glad everything is ok with baby! Can't believe you got flu even after the jab....I am just getting over a nasty sickness bug, haven't eaten anything for 4 days now and can't feel much movement from baby....trying not to worry though...everyone says baby will be well protected from a tummy bug...I hope so! Like you its been really hard looking after dd while I've been ill....a week in bed now to recover would be lovely lol!!

    I hope we both continue to feel better, especially in time for xmas. I have my 20 week scan on 21st Dec which will hopefully be reassuring. When is yours? xx

  • I don't have my date yet (we always get them really last minute) but can't wait. Will have a consultant appointment around the same time as my second son was a BIG baby so they want to go over extra growth scans etc with me.

    Sorry to hear you've been poorly as well. If it make you feel any better I had norovirus twice with my second son (thanks to my generous husband!) and food poisoning with my first son (thanks to a dodgy curry), and they were both fine. Baby does get very well protected - even through the flu!! I would LOVE a week in bed though!! Lol.

    I'm feeling movements (am 16+2) but they aren't regular yet. And myidwife still can't find the heartbeat!! Think I have a tricky one here. Xx
  • Sorry to hear about your illness. There seem to be lots of strains around.

    I've not had any flu yet, which I am pleased about. Although, I am sure that it will be my hubby who gets ill!

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