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Hello I hope I am ok to join, this is my first time posting we are expecting our 1st Baby in May 30th very excited I am currently 16+2 weeks

We had the 12 week scan a few weeks ago it was amazing and all was good I was so amazed that you could see the baby move, had my 16 weeks at midwife this week and heard the heartbeat image

We have the 20 week scan in January we are undecided on if we should find out or not various people think we should but I don't know at the scan I felt like I was looking at a girl not sure why or how

I look forward to talking on here more

Sam x


  • Hiya!!! I'm due to have my first baby 20th may!!! Sooooooo excited!!! We are going to find out the sex on our 20 weeks scan!! Congratulations image
  • Hello and welcome to our group....good luck for your scan in Jan x x

  • Hi Sid89 and claire531

    Thank you I am liking it in here already,

    Have you felt any movements I was thinking I might feel something after Xmas maybe

  • I don't think I have felt anything, but then maybe I just need to tune myself into things!

    Getting a bit more excited now...might even buy a little something soon! Trying to resist!

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