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20 week scan

Hi girls, well we had our 20 week scan today and all is well, both babies are growing well but she couldn't measure 1 of them properly so we have to go back in 3 weeks for another, she said she wasn't worried about it though so that's good and we resisted temptation and asked not 2 know whether they're pink or blue, good luck 2 everyone else with scans coming up image


  • Wow! I dont know how you resisted. I wish Id had the willpower to wait image

  • I'm struggling with waiting!!! I want to know if it's pink or blue!!
  • Great to hear everything looked ok with the babies! image we have our scan on Thursday, cannot wait, I'm wishing the next 2 days at work away! x
  • Aww glad to hear everything was ok and exciting news about seeing them again in 3 weeks. We have our scan on the 15th Jan really not sure if we should find out or not, you have willpower image


  • Good effort on the will power...I haven't got any! image

    Thank goodness our scan is tomorrow!

    I'll let you know how we get on

  • Not sure how long the willpower will hold out we've got a scan at 23 wks then a growth scan at 24 wks and every 4 wks after that!! Think I'll just have 2 say as soon as I go in not to tell me.

    Good luck to everyone with scans coming up x x x

  • Every 4 weeks! Blimey!

    We have been told that we don't need to come back for anymore scans as everything is normal! Is that normal? I thought we might have had one more scan!

    Oh to shop!

  • Yeah thet's normal I just have to go since ther's 2 of them just to keep an eye on the size of them.

    Happy shopping x x

  • Thanks it is our first I have no idea what is going on! Glad to hear yours are doing well.

    Sam84 - we had to go for a walk half way through the scan as baby was in a funny position! But we found out! 90% sure she said it would be a boy!


  • I just want my scan date!! Lol. 18+2 today, but with. Mad I know post is messed up! Well done on staying team yellow image that must have been hard!'
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