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Great scan and we are team.....

PINK! image really happy to be having another girl and it'll be lovely for our dd to have a little sister! The scan was amazing, so clear! Everything was measuring right for 20 weeks. Fab! Can't wait to start buying cute outfits again but I won't need to go mad this time as still have so many of dd gorgeous clothes to use! image x


  • Yey...Thats great news MrsB !! My scan is tomorrow and think I am secretly hoping for another girl just because we have so much pink in our house already lol!! Won't be disappointed with a boy though...I just hope all is ok and baby is healthy! Can't wait till tomorrow to find out...will keep you posted! xxx

  • Ooooh how exciting!!!! I cannot bloody wait to find out!!!
  • How exciting....I love that we are all finding out, makes me smile image

  • Well.....had our scan today....all looked good and we're having a boy!!! I'm in shock as had convinced myself it would be another girl! But we're very of each is just perfect! And I have an excellent excuse to go baby shopping now for lots of gorgeous boy thingsimage 


  • ooooohhh how scan is in hoping for a we have to girls..let's see xx

  • Awww congratulations babe! image 1 of each, lovely! We're going to mamas and papas in the morning to look at nursery interiors! Eek exciting planning & buying! x
  • Congrats.....once again.


    I do have a question for all you lovely ladies, when should I start buying stuff? We literally have nothing...we are borrowing a moses basket and baby bath...but what else do I need. Does anyone have a suitable list please? It appears we are utterly clueless!

  • I'm going to start buying things this wk, it's our last weeks hol before the twins arrive so gonna do some sale shopping, I recomend you get a few of everything like vests, sleepsuits, socks, cardies, sheets as you can always get more after baby is born if you don't get a lot as pressies, I made the mistake of not buying any milk last time an thought nothing of it till we found breastfeeding wasn't working out an arrived home to nothing to feed the poor little man, poor hubby had 2 rush straight back out to the shop ha-ha, the bounty book in your first pack should have quite a good list of essentials to buy if that helps ximage

  • Thanks Lorraine - I think I need guidance from someone who has been there done that!

    Have got my bounty pack so I will have a look and see what that suggests!

    Happy 2013 to all.

    Mrs B - how did you get on in Mamas and Papas?

    Simi28 - you seem to have long to wait for your scan...are you due late May?

    SID89 - have you found out yet?


  • Hi ladies, happy new year! Mamas & papas shopping trip went well Claire, we got baby's bedding, curtains, border and a little soft toy to match. Hubby put the border up last week, oh and the curtains and new pink black out blind so the nursery is coming together nicely image we had our furniture delivered this morning too so he'll be building that this weekend!

    In terms of buying stuff, other than the above for the nursery I've only bought a few clothes in the next & m&s sales so far. Don't really need much as have everything from last time. I think I need to start thinking about stocking up on nappies to spread the cost, get some new teets for the bottles, I'm hoping to breast feed but will also get some formula in just in case. I fed dd but after a few weeks we started giving her a bottle about 11pm to encourage her to sleep through the night longer.

    Get some maternity pads for when the time comes!

    What has everyone else bought? These lists in the mags are definitely worth looking xx
  • We've just bin for a follow up anomaly scan as twin b (poddle as named by the 3 yr old! ) wouldn't be measured last time, all was well except neither twin would show it's face, we bought our pushchair today an we've just orderd car seats to go on it so we're starting to get stuff together now ximage

  • Loraine - Poodle - what a great name! And congrats on getting your pushchair!

    MrsB - I was good in mamas and papas - I only bought stuff for my cousin who had her baby after christmas. We still have not bought anything - which I only starting to worry me a little bit!

    Simi28 - did you find out yet?

    Babe33 - congrats to you - been shopping yet?

    SID89 - when do you find out?

  • We have found out we are having a girl image she is called Amelie!
  • Sid89 - congrats and what a beautiful name....we are trying to find a good boys name to go with our surname.

  • I got a scan at 13wks 3 days pregnant from a 3d-4d ultrasound place who can tell you the gender very early on.. i was scheduled for 14wks 3 days but i was very impatient.. i have three boys already but this time the lady said she saw the three lines clear as day and nothing between the legs no nub or anything!!!! Im in so much shock that she said girl so im finding every way to prove my self wrong.... haha its terrible but ive always wanted a girl most of all a healthy little baby!!!! Does this look like a girl to yall?

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