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Maternity leave plans? :)

Hi all, now it's the new year and we are approaching the time we have to inform work of our maternity leave plans I'm just wondering when everyone is hoping to finish work? I'll be getting my MatB1 form from midwife tmw and have decided to (hopefully) take 2 weeks annual leave before starting maternity leave at 37+3 weeks. Due 9th may so wanting to leave for hols 31st march then mat leave from 14th April image If this is accepted by the boss I've only got 11 weeks left as have a week booked off at end of Jan too! Eek! image x


  • I'm hoping to last till the same time but might not be able 2 with twins, gonna hang on as long as I can just so I can have longer off after they've been born x x image

  • I am due 26th May but have been told that due to some medical complications i may be induced 2 weeks early so i kind of cant make any plans until i know more about that.  i would hope to take a weeks leave and start mat leave a week before due date whenever that is.  First time round, i took a weeks leave and started mat leave 1 week before due date thinking how great to have 2 weeks rest before baby comes.  Only fools make plans as my daughter arrived a week early before i had even started my official mat leave.

  • Lorraine - How long did you take of beforeve  with your other one? Have they said you will have to be induced?

    Krilag - I think I might take 3/4weeks off before our due date - the 2nd of may...I guess it depends how big I get! And whether I can fit behind the wheel of my this is our first, I have no clue! Maybe I will go for 3 weeks before?

    MrsB - I have some leave to carry over too, so I might use that as well. I just have no idea how I will feel and what I will want! Are you off on holiday somewhere nice? Or baby prep?


  • I finished the wk before my first was due but he was a wk late so had 2 wks to relax in the end, really not sure what will happen this time as my consultant will decide about 36 wk when I have to have them, he said they prob won't let me go past 38 wk so that means they cud be arriving at the end of April, the only thing is I'm on my feet for 8 hours at work so if I get 2 big I might have to finish earlier than I would like!

    I was quite small with my first so it was quite easy to carry on but think I'm already bigger than full term last time now so it's not looking good ha-ha x

    You can always set a provisional date and then change it later if you need to x x

  • I'm hoping to finish at the end of march!!! We are moving away so don't want to be too huge to do anything and will be nice to get used to the area before I pop lol
  • Ha ha, I've just worked out, we have under 16 weeks to go! Argh....must go speak to my HR dept and my boss about leaving! Whoops!

    Think I am going to leave mid april - due 2nd of may - do people think that two weeks off before he is due is enough?

  • That's all I took with my first, would've done the same this time but don't think I'll be able 2 since it's double trouble and we don't know when they're gonna arrive x

  • Whoop my annual leave and maternity leave proposal was accepted today so the countdown is on!! Last day will be Good Friday! image x
  • MrsB - that is great news....I am waiting for my MAtb1 form....then I hope that it will all go smoothly - to be fair, it would be nice to be off now! Escpecially with all this snow!

    I am still thinkiing of taking 2 weeks off before - although I might try and sneak some leave in before too, just to get me used to being off!

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