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Feeling a it poo today

The title says it all, feeling a bit poo today.

Tired and a bit grumpy...really couldn't sleep last night.

Dragged myself to work though...feeling sorry for myself so am sat on the sofa with my friendly bottle of gaviscon!

Sorry, just wanted to vent a little bit!


  • I know exactly wot you mean! My hubby said I was snoring all night when I don't feel like I slept a wink, Ronnie had me up at half 6 wanting tucked in, and I think I'm getting a cold!

    Here's hoping we're both feeling better tomorrow x x
  • Thanks Lorraine...feeling better now. Got some more sleep.

    Had a nice hot shower after work which helped.

    I think I was feeling very anxious too...can we blame hormones too!

    It doesn't help that I seem to have developed thrush in addition to heartburn!

    Thank goodness it is Friday x

  • Oh thank god it's not just me the itchings driving me insane! Think I'm gonna have to go and get a prescription for it, but apart from that and being full of cold I'm not feeling 2 bad at all, pleased 2 here your feeling a bit better 2 x x
  • I'm having a poo day today, absolutely shattered and really tearful!! I just hope this isn't the start of the third Tri exhaustion! Urgghhhhh
  • It's just rubbish in it, on top of feeling rubbish I've had the in laws round decorating the nursery for us which is very kind of them but I just wish they wouldn't keep referring to me as having a condition, it certainly doesn't make me feel any better ha-ha

    Hopefully my moaning mood will end soon I'm starting to get on my own nerves now x x
  • Haha I know, me too!!! Feel very sorry for anyone who crosses my path ATM!
  • I think I am just so tired....I love sleeping but I seem to be developing insomna!

    Still not enjoying the heartburn, but at least the thrush seems to have gone!

    Off to Aqua natal later, which I am loving - gets me all relaxed..really makes me want a water birth!


  • I need to do more exercise, I'm getting SO fat!!
  • Sid89 - i thinkt hat might be part of my problem too! Might see if i can go to yoga on friday morning....missed aqua natal on monday which was naughty!

    Still got horrid heartburn! grrr image

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