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Boys names ideas

Hi ladies and bumps image we need help with baby boy names . We had a few on a short list but I've gone off them now!!! I want a strong boys name lol , I have a jack so needs to go with that and can't have a name beginning with b as surname begins with b x


  • Oliver, Isaac, Harley??
  • Hi, how about Bailey or Oakley?  We're having a girl and possibly going to call her Saffron.  Our surname starts with S.  I wasnt really sure - do people think thats weird to have first and second names starting with the same letter?  Please be honest.

  • Personally I wouldn't have the first name beginning with the same letter but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it! I think it depends on your surname too
  • Harrison, Joshua, Samuel, Joel, Juddah, Harvey, Edward (teddy) Oliver, Xavier, er can't think of anymore at the mo!
  • I like harrison - plus if our bump is born on May the 4th it will have a star wars link! image

  • Hubby has just come home and suggested Lewis, Archie and Oliver....hmmm?

  • I like Archie but hubby said no, think we've sorted boys but really struggling with girls, we've chosen 1 so just hoping we don't get 2 girls ha-ha x
  • LOVE Oliver!!!!
  • Sid89 - Maybe we are going to have a glut on Oliver's on this thread...

    I like that fact that you can shorten it to Olly! Not after Olly Murs though - just in case people were worried!

    Lorraine - I liked Archie too.

  • Edward but Ted for short??
  • Ted is so cute and I like the fact that when he is older he can lengthen it to be a bit more grown up!

    What do we think about Lewis? Any bad links to that name?

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