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Hi there :-)

Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself as I'm due 21 May with baby no 2. I had my little boy Evan in July 2011 so he'll be just shy of 2 when baby arrives. We've found out we're having another little boy so very excited! I'm not a member of any other 'due in May' groups - joined Baby Expert a few years ago & my 'due in July 2011' group set up a Facebook group & are still an invaluable support. Hope everyone is doing well in their pregnancies & look forward to chatting over the next few months image


  • Hi, i'm due baby no 2 on 26 May.  My DD is 5. Just wanted to say what a great pic of your baby that is!!!  You can hardly tell its a baby on my 20 week scan pic.  I have a few medical issues so we're getting another scan at 28 weeks and i am hoping we get a better pic then.

  • Hello...well, we are 29 weeks tomorrow! How exciting!

    Snowie83 - welcome to our little group - I am team blue too - very excited.


  • Hi

    Krilag - how many weeks are you - hope scan goes well

    Claire531 - oh nearly 30wks very exciting! Hope you're feeling ok

  • Hi snowie 83 and welcome, I'm due on the 4th may with no 2 and 3 so I'll probably have to have them early, my 4yr old boy Ronnie is super excited how about Evan? X x
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