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He's here

Well ladies, I am now a Mummy. It all came as a bit of a surprise....have been feeling terrible for a couple of days and been to the Maternity Assessment Centre and my GP and they decided that I had the symptoms of pre-eclampsia. It was such a shock and I spent 24 hours being monitored and jabbed full of drugs to help our little man. He was delivered on the 28th weighing 3lbs 1oz....I was lucky to have been able to have a spinal tap so was awake for the whole procedure. I am now relaxing at home....out little man is in the SCBU and doing really well. I hope that everyone else is doing well...if you feel unwell, please go to your GP and get checked out. It might just save your saved me. Claire  


  • Oh my goodness claire congratulations! I thought it was strange you hadn't been on for a while, can't imagine how scary that must've been for you, I've not been very well either but just a chest infection nothing scary going on, however I was told at my consultant appointment yesterday both the twins are head down so get my bag packed! They also said if I haven't had them in 5 wks they'll book me in for a section,

    I hope ur little man continues 2 get stronger an can't wait for an update on how he's doing, oh an has the little fella got a name? Thinking of u all x x
  • Oh my word our first may baby is here!!! Gosh sounds scary!!! I have felt rough bp etc is fine so think its just baby tiring me out!! Glad your home and wishing your little man to be strong really soon x x
  • Omg!!!!!!! Well congratulations image I'm so glad to hear everything is ok!!!!!! Must have been such a shock!!!!! I really hope you and little one are doing well!!!!!
  • Wow, glad you are both ok.....what a shock.

    I'm due in June, thankyou for the advice xxxx

    Take care, and congratulations image
  • Thanks ladies, just a relief that everyone is doing well.

    I am not so sure I have ever seen so many doctors in my life. I was looked after so well and I was so releaved that I could be awake for the delivery. It was touch and go as my platelet levels were really low. Would have ended up having a general anaesthetic.

    I am doing well, although it is strange being apart from our little man, especially today. But he is doing so well and I am so grateful that we have been so well looked after.

    Sending everyone much love....looking forward to May when he should be able to come home. x x x

  • Hi Claire just wondered how you an the little guy are gettin on, hope he's getting stronger every day, sending you lots of luck and love x x x
  • Thanks Lorraine,

    We are both doing well. I am only getting my blood pressure checked once a week! My scar is healing nicely and I am more mobile than I was!

    Our little man is doing well too, he is putting on weight and is still not on any medication. We just want to get him home!

    How are you and the twins?

  • Bless you Claire it must be so hard leaving him at the hospital, we had yet another scan today and both babies are growing well and they booked me in to be induced on the 18th April if they don't arrive before, I'm really pleased about that though as I had a section last time so wanted to try for a vbac this time.

    Sending you love and best wishes and also hoping your little fella will be home with you soon x x
  • Oh my goodness I've only just seen this! Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, hope you're both continuing to do well & he's gaining weight nicely x
  • Thanks ladies...just to update you all on our progress.

    We are all home now...settling into our little family routine?

    How is everyone else doing? MrsB? Lorraine? Snadybaby? Sid89?


  • Hi Claire I was just thinking about you this morning an wondering how the little fella was getting on, I'm so pleased to hear he's home and doing well, the fun really begins now, I'm just thinking about ringing my mam to put her on standby to look after my little boy as I think I might be in early labour (very scary).

    Anyways hope your litle 1 keeps getting stronger everyday and I'll let you know if there's any sign of the twins x x
  • Awww so pleased for you that he's home image that's fab news!!! I'm doing ok, pretty fed up of being pregnant now though!! We did our tour of the Mat Unit yesterday, made it all a bit more real... Scary x
  • Sid89 - how are you doing? We never got to do the tour...but saying that I only saw the high dependency room!

    In terms of our little man, he is doing really well. We went to the Bliss support group on friday which was great, met some really fabulous other mums.

    He has had his first set of immunisations too - very proud of him!

    Lorraine - one of my friends has just found out she is expecting twins!

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