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They've Arrived

So on monday I started having tightenings an some pain and decided I best go get checked out at maternity, after arriving at 5ish the next thing I knew I was being taken to theatre for a section and by half 6 I had 2 beautiful boys! Harlan was born first weighing 5lb 6oz and then followed Baxter weighing 4lb 6oz, both boys are in scbu as they need a little help feeding but hopefully they'll be home with us soon. Claire I also ended up with pre-eclampsia an had a horrible traumatic time but when I look at my 2 gorgeous boys it's all worth it, I just can't wait to have them home like your little fella x x


  • Wowie!!!! Congratulations image xx
  • aww congrats! 

  • Congratulations Lorraine...what fabulous names. So pleased that they arrived safely.

    How are you doing? Are you okay now? Sorry you got pre-eclampsia...take time to look after yourself and take time to relax and look after yourself.

    I am so pleased for you...keep in touch x x

  • I'm ok thanx Claire, tired from travelling to see the boys every day, the hospital they're in is 20 miles from home and there's no talk of them being able to come home yet, I just think myself blessed that they're ok an my 4yr old has been brilliant and very well behaved for the last week whilst being sent here, there and everywhere bless him.

    Hope you and your little fella are ok 2 x x
  • Ahh congratulations! Hope they're doing well n u can take them home soon. Hope you're recovering well too x
  • glad they are here safe xxx

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