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How is everyone doing?



  • Welcome 2 the world Amelie, ( I'm hoping you've haven't changed your mind on her name cos it's lovely) pleased to hear she's arrived safely and hope she's settling in ok, sorry to hear about your long labour but pleased she's well worth it x x

  • Absolutely...good to hear she arrived. How are you doing now?

    we are doing well....went to baby yoga this morning was ace...he was the smallest baby but he seemed to enjoy it!

    Would love to hear how everyone else is doing....

  • Hi we're all ok, babies are now starting to get their own personalities, it would appear we've got a happy 1 and a grumpy 1! They're quite good though they only have me up once a night and the littlest 1 has slept through 4 nights In the last wk so I can't complain at all, good to hear you enjoyed yoga we're going for our first trip to baby clinic on Tuesday at the surestart centre so I'm hoping to find out which kind of groups there is in my area and also how much the little fatties weigh now!

    It's good to hear things are going well, can't wait for the next update x x

  • We have our final round of injections next week, which is a bit scary! But good...we also have our 8 week check-up! From a development point of view he is only 7 weeks!

    We are still getiing used to him...hoping he starts to sleep through soon. although feeds every 3 hours is not too bad! Up to size 2 nappies too : )

    How are grumpy and happy Lorraine?

    SID89 - how are you doing? Loving being a mum?

  • Hi Claire,  happys still happy and grumpys not as bad but still a bit grumpy but they're 11 wks now so hopefully they'll settle down soon but then I suppose they're only 7 wks officially so maybe not, I got them weighed last wk an Harlan was 9lb 10 and Baxter was 8lb 13 so both doing well, they said not to go back for a month but think we might go again nxt wk just to check on Baxter as we've taken him off his prescription milk now, I'm also hoping for a full nights sleep soon, we had 2 5r nights last wk so hoping it's the start of more 2 come,

    Hope everything goes well at your 8 week check, can't wait to hear everythings ok x x

  • Well, the 8 week check went really well. He passed with flying colours! And then he had some more jabs! Which he didn't like - but thank goodness for calpol! 

    He is almost 10lbs which we are super excited by...he is still not sleeping through, but we hope that this will come eventually.

    Glad to hear your two are doing well. Was it nutriprem 2? We seem to be going through qa box each week! Plus I am still trying to breastfeed - which works some days and not on others!

    Love to all x x



  • Hi, so pleased your check went well, also good news that he's nearly up to 10lbs, bless him he's thriving like a trooper,  my 2 were 10lb 3 and 9lb 6 last wk so happy now I know changing the milk isn't doing Baxter any harm, it was nutriprem 2 he was on which was ok as it was free but making 2 kinds of bottles was getting to be a pain so much easier now apart from they have different amounts so I still have to label them so I can see easily in the night if I've got the right 1, they both slept from half 9 last night till half 6 this morning which was lovely, I just hope it's the start of things 2 come, not sure how much more daytime crying I can take either, I thought they should be settling down by now  but then maybe not when they were early,  just hope it doesn't go on another 4wks, anyway enough moaning from me, it's nice to hear everything's good with you and yours x x

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