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November 2008 babies (MFM)

Come and share your stories, parenting triumphs and hurdles with other mums of babies born in November 2008.

Just post a comment and introduce yourselves!





  • Hi i'm Sian
    My daughter was born 23rd Nov and is 6 months old today
    She has cut 2 bottom teeth, can crawl backwards and sit up by herself.
    I can't believe 6 months have gone so quickly
  • Hi my son was born the 1st Nov, he was meant to be an October baby, but was 15days late! He has his two bottom teeth, Can sit up, shuffles around the floor, and happily babbles away. He's gorgeous!
  • hi,

    my daughter Lola was born the 21st November, she is 7mnths today,

    she has one tiny tooth and loves sitting up unless she gets too exciting and then she rocks so hard she goes flying, shes rolling well and never ever stops chatting, she really makes us laugh, she thinks her big brother jack and mickey mouse are the best things in the world!


  • how are all the other november babys doing??

    Lola now has FOUR teeth, and they look very cute, shes still a bit of a loon and cant be trusted sitting alone,

    shes in a major mummy mood, she doesnt like anyone but me and its testing daddys patient, she crys and points for me, little madam, were not giving in and it will pass!

    Any tips for making daddy feel better about lolas rejection, or any other babies doing this?

    Hope your all well xxx

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