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Gynae appt result :-(

Hi Ladies

well i went for my appt today and after a quick argument where they said i had cancelled my appointment so my consultant had gone home (so why would i have turned up), they found another one for me who had a 'rummage' and said that it looks as though i have endometreosis from my c section, i have a scan on friday to confirm this and then will have to have a laporoscopy.



  • Not good. Glad they saw you tho and are doing something about it. Good luck x
  • I'm sorry hun, but I'm glad there's a solution. At least now you've got some answers. As for them saying you'd cancelled, wtf? I'm glad they still saw you, honestly, piss up and brewery spring to mind! I hope you're ok X x x
  • Not good news but at least they've found out what it is and are going to put it right

  • I am so sorry hun but at least now they know what it is and they can get you sorted out now xxx
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