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Feeding timings - advice please

Hi all - hope you can advise me on this one. LO is being rapidly weaned due to reflux and not taking much milk. Current feeding looks like this:
3/4am - Milk
8am - Milk and cereal / fruit
12midday - milk and veg / fruit
3:30pm - Milk
5pm - Veg and fruit
6:30pm Milk
7pm Bed

Only issue i have is that I can't do anything in the afternoon as I feel like I'm constantly feeding between lunchtime and bed !! When should I try and phase out 3:30pm bottle and should I bring tea forward a bit ?? She only take 4oz ish at each milk feed so don;t want to drop one in case she is not getting enough. What do you guys do so that you can get out the house in the afternoon ?!! Also - is your LO still having a mid / late pm nap - mine is and goes mental if she doesn't get it but I thought they should drop this by now ? LO is 20 weeks Sunday by the way. thanks S XX


  • Hi Sandy

    My LO is exactly the same age as yours !! Tyler also has reflux and have been trying out bits and bobs on him to see what works, we've found that if we give him anything solid from 5.30pm onwards he doesn't seem to sleep very well and wakes more often. At the moment he is on hungry baby milk every 4 hours his first bottle of the day is usually at 5-5.30am and has porridge or cereal at 8.30 ish (depends on when he wakes), lunch is usually butternut squash, sweet potatoe or ella's kitchen which he loves and then thats it. I was finding that he was starting to refuse his milk which I didn't want so have cut back abit. From 5pm he then has porridge with strawberry ella's kitchen mixed in and cluster feed of milk, so bottle with the food and a bottle after his bath. It seems to suit him at the moment although I know we will have to start him properly with lunch and desert and things like that.

    He naps every 2 hours so today he napped from 8.30-9.45, then we had baby club so had short nap in the car, he's now been back down since 2.30 and am expecting him to wake shortly. He may have another 30 min nap at 5-5.30 to keep him going until bedtime, we start our routine at 7pm and hes in bed by 7.30.

    Sorry not much help.

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  • we havent managed to crack the weaning yet mason just seems to hate it! so up in night and not having to fit milk and food yet - that will be a mission getting outta house i can see as toddler to feed and sort aswell!!!

    but 4oz seems ok considering your feeding well through day and she is having regular bottles suppose she will just start refussing get down to hardly anything then could perhaps have drink instead!

    sleep wise mason naps every 2 hours or so but never ever for longer than 40mins!!!! very annoying!

    our prob is that at 5.30/6 he is beside himself and has to have nap of 40mins before bath - this seems soooo daft as putting him to bed but doesnt work bringing bath bed forward as treats it as nap and would wake after 40mins and also we bath our toddler at 7pm and we like tyo do it all togther!!!

    so he has that nap then more or less straight in bath, pjs, bottle and then in coty about 8pm!

    x sorry soooo not really helped there!

  • I was wondering about this too! Tomas in almost 6 months and I have just started weaning over the last week. His bottle feeds have always been 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm with regular naps inbetween.

    Our current routine:
    7am - Bottle
    11am - Bottle plus baby rice and fruit puree
    3pm - Bottle
    7pm - Bottle plus veg puree

    He naps between 9-11am, 1pm-3pm, 5-7pm and goes to bed about 8pmish.

    These times are tricky for food but I think I will start to the breakfast with the 7am bottle, introduce some lunch about 12-1 if possible and dinner ideally would be about 5-5.30 but he sleeps then so may have to keep that at 7pm. In a month though I will look to merge the 11am and 3pm bottle to about noonish which will help with the meal times.

  • Dylan has 3 meals a day and 3 7oz bottles, the timings are....

    7am- 7oz milk
    9am- breakfast (porridge etc)
    12pm- lunch (veg puree, spagetti etc with a pudding)
    3pm- 7oz milk
    5pm- tea (similar to lunch)
    6.30pm- 7oz milk (bedtime bottle)

    If I go out in the afternoon I take his 3pm bottle with me


    Em and Dylan 21 weeks xxxx
  • wow all the lo's are doing soooo well!

    as you may have previously read mason isnt that keen at mo - but decided to keep trying him every morning after first nap with creamy baby porridge - when he takes that bit better then may progress on - he is just over 20 weeks and last weighed at 17 weeks and was 16lb 9oz so not small baby at all!

    can i ask have you noticed that introducing food made lo's sleep better etc????

  • Introducing solids didnt make Olivia sleep better but I find it is easier on her reflux although I know for lots of other people this isnt the case.

    We do:
    8.30am porridge and bottle
    12.30 fruit and juice
    4.30 vegetables and milk
    8pm milk

    she takes 3 7oz bottles a day
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