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Hi Ladies

Tyler is up most mornings by 6am but doesn't go to bed until after 7. (is asleep by 7.30pm). What time do your LO's wake for the day and then go to bed as maybe his day is too long and should be in bed earlier, he's certainly knackered by 6-6.30 and would go down easily.




  • Olivia wakes up usually between 8-9am and sometimes if I am very very lucky 10am and she goes to bed at 8pm but we are thinking of moving her bedtime to 7pm because she is starting to get really tired and ratty around 7.
  • tobys routine starts at about 6.30 -7pm and he is always asleep by 8pm then for the last 9 days he has slept through till 7-8am (not sure how long this will last but we are making the most out of it!)

    I would say if he is tired then try getting him down a little earlier and see how it goes. x
  • toula has a bottle at 7pm then bed wakes between 6-7am image
  • I give amber last feed at 6ish- asleep by 6.45pm. She is up at 7am- sometimes 15 minutes either side. Sometimes she chirps and plays in her cot for 10 minutes before I go to her- other times I have to wake her up!

  • in bath at 7 sometimes 6.50pm if toddler playing up... and then bottle staright after in cot between 7.30 and 8! wakes for day between 6 and 7 - but toddler wakes at 5.45/6 so he shouts and wakes mason up....arrgghhh

    mason is usually crying at 6 and has a nap which seems maddness as its nearly bedtime but tried doing things earlier and he treats it as nap so didnt work! also bath etc both kids together!!!

  • Conall is mainly in bed around 7pm and sleeps until about 7am. He then stays in his cot for a further 30 - 45 mins "chatting" to his teddies and then "shouts" me when he wants up and fed lol!

    However he is ALWAYS cranky after a night at my MILs as they just let him stay up!!! They say Ohhh he didnt want to go to bed until 10pm!!! I think not!!! ha ha!

    Oh and Conall has a nap from about 10am for 1 hour and 4pm for 1 hour. I'm quite relaxed about naps and stuff but these are his rough timings xxx
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