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November arrivals list

Im so excited to do this and transfer this thread over from due in to born in! This is the November girls arrival list, some were born early (october) and im sure some will come late (december) but this is our arrivals list, we travelled journey together and hopefully this is just the start and we will continue it together!

Total boys..... 28 + 1 special guest girls.........28.

October 8th 2009- Loumadcow- baby boy- Reuban Drew Mcnally weighing 4lb 2oz

October 16th 2009- Legalbeagle- baby boy- Gabriel Kenneth weighing 5lb 5ozs

October 16th 2009- JennyLG- baby girl- Abigail Louise weighing 4lb 3oz

October 18th 2009- MrsLL- baby girl- Poppy weighing 4lb 12oz

October 20th 2009- Bensmummy0607- baby boy- Dylan Jack weighing 7lb 7ozs

October 22nd 2009- Natashamaync- baby girl- Amalie Ray (may change) weighing 6lb 15oz

October 22nd 2009- Rosapenny- baby girl- Olivia weighing 6lb 4oz

October 23rd 2009- Goldiemad- baby boy- Adam Thomas weighing 6lb 8oz

October 23rd 2009- MrsMummy- baby girl- Emily Catheryn weighing 5lb 3ozs

October 24th 2009- 2bsmart- baby boy- Oliver William Smart weighing 8lb 5.5oz's

October 24th 2009- Nikki & Graham- baby girl- Courtney Stephanie weighing 5lb 15oz

October 28th 2009- Homebird30- baby girl- Jessica Sarah weighing 8lb 8oz

October 29th 2009- Trudy56- baby boy- Oliver James weighing 7lb 5oz

October 31st 2009- Minimoo- baby boy- Zachariah Nicholas weighing 8lb 6oz

October 31st 2009- Gembo- baby boy- Tomas Michael weighing 7lbs 3.5oz

November 1st 2009- Stinton5- baby girl- Lily Margaret weighing 9lb 10oz

November 2nd 2009- babymomma22- baby girl- Leilah weighing 6lb 4oz

November 4th 2009- Em101- baby girl- Jennifer Madelaine weighing 6lb 15oz

November 5th 2009- Summer76- baby boy- Toby weighing 8lbs.

November 5th 2009- Hales77- baby boy- Jack Raymond William weighing 8lb 5oz

November 6th 2009- Rachy123- baby girl- Poppy Norah weighing 7lb 8.5oz

November 6th 2009- Brooks1385- baby girl- Isabella Faith weighing 8lb 9oz

November 7th 2009- Hopi- baby girl- Ruby Marie weighing 7lb 6oz

November 8th 2009- Welshka- baby boy- Freddie Lee weighing 6lb 2oz

November 9th 2009- Car1y28- baby girl- Eadie Rose weighing 8lb 1oz

November 10th 2009- Fruity- baby girl- Lexie Grace weighing 6lb 12oz

November 10th 2009- Jennywareham- baby boy- Charlie Mark weighinging 8lb 3.5oz

November 10th 2009- LA79- baby boy- Finley Thomas weighing 7lb 4oz

November 11th 2009- AJmum3+pinkbump-baby girl- Toula Daisy May weighing 6lb

November 12th 2009- mum2b2009- baby boy- Jack Christopher weighing 9lb 10oz

November 12th 2009- Gummibear- baby boy- Conall Patrick weighing 8lb 1oz

November 12th 2009- EmilyB- baby boy- Jak Vincent Raymond weighing 7lb 1oz

November 13th 2009- 16thNov09- baby girl- Isla weighing 6lb 5oz

November 13th 2009- preciousbaba- baby girl- Elise weighing 7lbs 13oz

November 13th 2009- xxteddyxx- baby girl- Caitlin Michelle weighing 8lb 7oz

November 13th 2009- Tetburychick- baby boy- Edward weighing 6lb 11oz

November 14th 2009- Lu007- baby boy- Rory Edward weighing 8lb 4oz

November 14th 2009- Lisa1611- baby boy- Jake James David weighing 7lb 11oz

November 15th 2009- EvaB1- baby boy- Zach Scott weighing 8lbs

November 16th 2009- EmilyPee- baby girl- Esme Abigail May weighing 7lb 8.5oz

November 16th 2009- KerryNov09- baby boy- Sonny weighing 8lb 13oz

November 16th 2009- Mummychooch738- baby girl Maaya weighing 6lb 3oz

November 17th 2009- nicidee77- baby girl- Sophie Nicole weighing 9lbs

November 17th 2009- Inka- baby girl- Scarlett Eva weighing 8lbs 2.5oz

November 18th 2009- mrsa111- baby girl- Aimee Beth weighing 7lb 14oz

November 19th 2009- KirstyNov09- baby boy- Riley weighing 8lbs 6.5oz

November 19th 2009- Ellie.x- baby boy- Finley Ross weighing 9lbs 0.5oz

November 19th 2009- Pavy- baby boy- Roddy Carr weighing 7lbs 11oz

November 19th 2009- Michelle514- baby girl- Tenbi May Hodge weighing 8lb 2oz

November 19th 2009- Katie19c- baby girl- Isabelle Rose weighing 7lb 9.5oz

November 21st 2009- Sim75- baby boy- Brody Lincoln weighing 7lb 13oz

November 24th 2009- TTCPrincess- baby boy- Theodore Alvin weighing 8lb 1oz

November 25th 2009- Dylansmummy2b- baby boy- Dylan James weighing 7lb 8oz

November 26th 2009- *Ambersmum2b*- baby girl- Amber louise weighing 9lb 4.5oz

November 28th 2009- Smoochiegal- baby boy- George Arthur weighing 4lb 10oz

December 7th 2009- Lentil- baby girl- Isobel Julia weighing 10lb 6oz

Due to popular demind I am also pleased to announce the arrival of an honourary November mummy's baby

October 20th 2009- Heather Trott- baby boy- George MIchael Trott

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  • Oh my goodness!! Its so wierd!! Cant wait to join this group image !!!!!

    Carly 38+3 xxxx
  • Me neither image my post but baby still not born yet so I cant be a member!

    Em 38 + 2
  • Hi dylansmummy2b, could you add me on please? Tomas Michael was born on 31st Oct (due 2nd Nov) and weighed 7lbs 3.5oz. Thanks and good luck for when your little one arrives x

  • Hiya, could you add me on the list ... i had a little girl Caitlin Michelle on 13th November and she weighed 8lb 7oz

    Thanks Michelle x
  • hi

    Can you add me (when u get a min obviously)

    Jack Christopher was born 12th Nov, weighing 9lb 10oz's


    PS Hope all mummys & babies r doing good xxxx
  • Ok girls I apologise I fell behind can everyone ive missed add dates, names and weights to this post so I can keep it up to date?

    Thank you image

    Em and Dylan 15 days x x x
  • Hi could you add me pls? Isabella Faith was born 6th Nov weighing 8lbs9oz xx thanks
  • Hi could you add me pls? Isabella Faith was born 6th Nov weighing 8lbs9oz xx thanks
  • Hi
    Lentil: Isobel Julia (girl!) born 7 Dec weighing 10lb 6oz
  • can you add me i was due Dec 5th but he arrived 24th Nov hes called Theodore Alvin and weighed 8lb 1oz
  • Could you add me please
    Amber Louise - born 1:37am 26th Nov weighing 9lbs 4.5oz
    Amber 15 days old
  • Hiya,

    I have another baby boy to add to the list, he was due 19 Dec but stopped growing at wk 33 and was born as follows by emergency c-section:
    George Arthur - 28 Nov weighing 4lb 10oz

  • Hiya, could you please also add me to the list.

    Hopi - 7. Nov 2009 - Baby girl - Ruby Marie - 7lb 6oz

    Thanks a million
    hopi xxx
  • Bumping this up to see who is still around!
  • Hey there im still around! x
  • Just checking to see if anyone is around??  There are quite a few names i dont even recognise.  Can you believe our babies are 4! x

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