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For Sim

Hey sweetie, long time no speak. just checking in on you and your little man to see how things are going. Hope all is well.

Lots of love

Em & Fred xxx


  • Hey honey!
    All is well with us, we are settling in in oz now, moving in to our own place finally tomorrow. Yipee!!
    Had a tough time with Brody recently trying to daytime sleep train him but it has really paid off and he now sleeps like a champion in the day which has made him go back to sleeping through the night again. He got out of whack when we moved over here 2 months ago. But the pain has all been worth it and we are both so much happier and content now.

    How is Fred doing? Any recent pics?

    Hey what about Socks!!! I burst into tears when I read her news. It was so amazing. She was the last of the old crew image I knew she would get there in the end!

  • Hey hun, hope you are all settled in your new home now. How is Oz, are you enjoying your new life there?

    Well done on the sleep training, I'm still working on it with Fred. Nighttimes are good, but daytime naps are bloomin hard work!

    I know it's such lovely lovely news about Socks, I've been hoping and praying things would happen for her. I'm like an old mother hen now, keep swooping into Due in Nov10 to check up on her.

    Will try and post a pic, but am usually rubiish. Would love to see one of Brody too.

    take care petal


  • Almost settled, all our new stuff is unpacked and just waiting for our shipment to clear customs next week then we will be there. Finally back online at least!
    We are all really happy here.

    Fred is sooooooooo cute. Just adorable. All sitting up nice and tall! Is that a M&P gingerbread cushion I see? I have that range for Brody. Cant wait for it to arrive to get it all in his bedroom - finally he has his own proper room!

    They grow up so fast dont they? I knew it would happen but it has only really just hit me that Brody is no longer a real baby :cry: But I have to say that I am REALLY enjoying this stage - 5 months. He gives me big smash pashes all the time. i suppose that's what I always do to him so he knows no better !! The cuddles are great. We gave him his first solids today, the baby rice. It was hilarious. He was very obviously ready for it. Will post 2 pics - one was a few weeks ago and the 2nd one from today.

  • Awwww he's adorable!! I know, I was saying to mum yesterday this has to have been the fastest 8 months of my life! The best, but it goes so quickly and I find myself struggling to remember the early days clearly, thank god for the stupid number of photos we took!

    Fred's first tooth came yesterday and he's starting to try crawling though mainly just going backwards and getting on to his kness then grumbling cos he can't go anywhere!

    The cushion is actually one I made. I have the Gingerbread range (or bits of it) but found that Ikea do a range with the same colours, they are almost identical. I bought some curtains from Ikea and shortened them and made 2 cushions out of the shortened bits!

    Am so pelased your settling in well, hope life continues to be good to you hun, you deserve it.


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  • I was in ikea the other day over here and saw something like the gingerbread! but i was a bit frazzled as i had a bit of a drive to get there and the silly satnav was sending me bonkers (would have helped had i taken the actual address :roll: ) and i had to race back to give brody a feed! i will take a better look next time. no m&p over here :cry:
    i love your creativity with the cushions!

    brodys first tooth came this week too! He had a lot of movement at about 11/12 weeks and was grumbly then and a few weeks after but this took me by surprise when he pulled my finger in his mouth the other day. its hard to see (he wont let me, keeps poking his tongue out!) but i think it has broken through on one corner. feels quite sharp. so im guessing maybe the real pain is yet to come. so im keeping a close eye on him. he has woken through the night but ive only recently retrained him to sleep through and we only moved in nearly 2 wks ago so thought it was him getting resettled again.

    our boys will look so different with teeth!

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