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Yep - Sophie has them!!! I have a spotty baba!

Went to get her weighed yesterday and the hv noticed 2 spots on Sophie's tummy! I felt like a right tit as they weren't there when I had got her ready an hour before! Hv said to keep an eye on them but warned me that chickenpox were going round!

Got up this morning & there are lots more spots - inn her hair & everywhere! Poor soul! They don't seem to be bothering her so far, and apart from the odd screaming fit that - have been putting down to teething for the past couple of weeks she seems fine!

Hope it stays this way! Wish us luck! Haha!!

Nici xxx


  • Bless her, as I said on FB I hope it's not too bad. Big hugs for spotty Sophie! x x x
  • Oh poor sophie, hope they clear up soon & dont bother her to much.

    I remember having them when I was 4/5yrs old & hated it them & couldnt stop scratching them. Luckily no scars from all the scrathing.

    Big hugs, dreading Jack getting them but I know he will eventually

  • oh no poor sofie - i really hope that she doesnt get too itchy - lots of hugs to little lady x x x
  • poor little poppet :cry: but at least she has had them now. hope she gets through ok - and you too!! it's probably worse for you than her ! x
  • Oh no!!! poor Sophie, how is she now? I hope they are not causing her too much annoyance xxxx
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