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Anyone else still craving a good nights sleep ??

Please please reassure me that my LO is not unusual - she is 21 weeks and still feeds once in the night and I have to resttle her with dummy probably another 2 or 3 times......she does have reflux which probably doesn't help. Is anyone else still suffering serious sleep deprivation at this age ? S XX


  • YESSSSS. Shes teething at the mo, so up all night! Im dreaming of a time wehn she can spend a night with her granny!!
  • me too, although he slept through once it was definitely a one off. Woke for a feed at 1am this morning..... Although according to my book its more unusual for them to sleep through at this age, so dont feel so bad.

  • Me not sure how many times a night I'm awake x
  • me too - mason was awful and up loads then got it to once and now back bad again and he is nealry 21 weeks - last few nights awake at 11ish, took till 1am to get off, 4, 5.30, 6 - so im soooo tired and getting very ratty with my toddler as have no patience when they both start winging!!!!

  • Can I join you? I was firmly on the 'sleeping through' track and three weeks ago it all went to hell. We've thought it was a need for weaning, teething, a cold, being away from home, not feeding properly in the day, but there's just no pattern to his night time wakings. Last night he fed brilliantly, and had done throughout the day, but then he woke 2 hours after he went to bed, and then again 2 hours after that and then at 2:00am. I could handle it when he was a newborn because he slept in the day, now I'm having to physically keep myself awake by being on here or pottering in the flat because I know he won't nap for very long and so I'll be even MORE tired if I only get 5 mins or something! Plus it's almost impossible to fall asleep when I know I don't have long. Arg! Clearly we were spoiled for the time he was sleeping through. I've got no idea what I've done that's changed things, or whether that now means he'll never sleep through? Eek! However, I feel I shouldn't complain because we had 15 weeks of him sleeping through. We had no idea why he did that in the first place, we thought he'd just got himself into a routine, but his routine hasn't changed so what else has??

    Em x x x
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