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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • Hi Summer. I've not posted in any forums. I'm em's mum. So pleased em is stl remembered
  • oh my goodness "Hello" xxx  How is Dylan?  And how are you all?  Emily was a massive part of our lives, we never met except when I came to say goodbye but she has continues to be a total inspiration to me xxx  


  • Hi Cazza,

    Emily was such an inspiration to us all, I still have the birthday card that she sent my daughter. I hope Dylan is doing well, last photos we seen he was so like his mummy xxx
  • Wow! Hello, think of you and Dylan often wondering how you're getting on. Em is often in our thoughts and conversations, she was a huge part of our little group. Sarah and I will never forget our trip to the synagogue when we came to say goodbye. Much love xx

  • oh Welsh, I was just giggling about the Synagogue visit!

  • Hi Cazza, we think of Em and remember her often in our little Facebook group. How is Dylan?! Xxx
  • Hi. Thank you all. Dylan is a happy boy and will start school in a few weeks. He still looks a lot like his mummy. Em would be so proud of him xx
  • I bet he just looks adorable in his uniform - cannot quite believe schools approached so fast!  Dylan was always the image of Em x She would indeed be so proud of him x

  • Hello cazza1959. It's lovely to see you bumping this thread for Em. I wasn't here when this thread started but I often look at it, and think what an amazing thread it is, and hope her family can take some comfort from knowing this thread is here, showing the world what an incredible person Em was.

    We hope you're doing OK, and that Dylan is well and happy.

  • Started humming your song so popped on to re read this.  I hope you know how much I think about you Em xx I am sure you do x

  • Another bump for em. Keep humming summer_76 xx

  • Dylan a lovely happy boy Helen

    MFM. XX

  • So. For those of you still on here it's 5 years since em left us. We miss her every single day. Dylan is doing really well at school. He has a one year old brother. Em never wanted him to be an only child so would be pleased for his family xx

  • We're still here.  We are all friends on Facebook and speak on there.  We remember Emily often, theres not an anniversary gone by where we don't think of her.    Really happy to hear Dylan is doing well and has a little brother, thank you for the update x

  • I still can't believe it's been 5 years, I'm so glad to hear Dylan is doing well. I'm sure he is Em's image. Thanks for the update xxx

  • Thinking of you and Em today, cazza1959. Thanks so much for letting us know how you all are - and lovely to hear Dylan has a baby brother!

  • Just recently remembered Em's 30th. Dylan is just gorgeous, the image of his mummy and a reall happy boy. xx. Em always in my heart xx

  • So ladies. Over and out from me as I realise you are all moving forward with your lives which is as it should be. Sure em is cheering you all on and hope you remember her every now and again and her fight to be a mummy.   God bless. Xx

  • Its Tobys 8th Birthday today and was thinking about Em so popped on to re read.  Such an important moment in our lives - I bet Dylan still looks the spitting image of you x

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