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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • So our BIN Babies are turning 9 - how on earth did that happen and how on earth is it 8 years since you left us.   So much love xxx

  • summer_76. Dylan is indeed the spit of Em. He is a lovely boy, cheeky sense of humour and very loving. Thanks for remembering x

  • Cazza,  it's 11.45pm and I've just come across this post. Although I don't know you I'm sat here sobbing my heart out. It must have been so hard for you all. Nice to hear Dylan is doing good and he has a baby brother now. God bless you all. Xx

  • summer_76. Dylan also now has a little sister. Em would mbe happy he has a brother and sister. He is a thoughtful caring older brother 

  • Oh that is such lovely news....... Xx

  • Wishing you all on here happy lovely family memories x

  • Ive just sat and read this whole thread. What a truelly inspirational woman she was. I will always admire her strength and positivity in such a heart breaking situation. Love to you all x

  • She was our bright shining happy girl. Missed loads but so proud she was part of our lives x

  • Always remembered xx  Sending love to you, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you.  I bet Dylan is the most amazing big Brother, thank you for letting us know xx  Lots of love Sarah xx

  • Nine years since you left and we still think about you and talk about you.  I can only imagine how gorgeous Dylan is now.  Our beautifil babes are turning 10 xxx  I wish you knew how special, how amazing, how influential you still are to me xx
  • Dylan is a beautiful caring boy. We love him beyond comprehension xxxx
  • 10 years xx Still very much in all our thoughts xx  Can you believe the boys will soon be in secondary school!!  We think of you so often Em x
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