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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • so sorry about the results. as they other ladies have said your strength is amazing. Virtual or not we are all here for you & you family. Your hubby & wee boy will keep the fight going in you.

    Take care

    Stacey & Jack xxx

  • I am so sorry Em, I dont really know what else I can say.

    Big hugs coming again from the North East and i'll be saying my prayers for a big miracle.

    Love Nici and Sophie xxx
  • Just want to say how sorry i am reading this and catching up. You are amazing and sound so positive which is the best way to be especially with your little Dylan. Big Hugs xxx
  • Oh Em I am so sorry to hear the news after your appt and there is so much I want to say but Im going to keep it positive and show strength for you so it matches what you give out to others. You are such an inspiration to me and to all of us on here. Not to mention all your family and friends.

    I like that you changed the title of this thread from "I'm scared" to "Always look on the bright side of life image " That just sums you up. Faced with a really difficult journey ahead, you are ready to tackle it with such strength and a positive outlook. That will take you so far hon, even as far as beating this second time round. You also now have Dylan to keep you going, as well as a wonderful husband.

    Ive not ever met you but just looking at pics of you I can see that you are one of those people who smile with your eyes. It's such a beautiful trait and one that you passed down to Dylan as I can see it in his pics too. So keep smiling honey, the world will always smile with you!


    p.s. I reckon bald is beautiful! ;\)

  • Em I just wanted to send you hugs - I have to admit I didnt dare read this post till now - Im sorry that it's taken me this long to read through it.
    You are an absolute star and you absolutely must keep up the brilliant outlook that you have - you can get through this.
  • Sim if you have questions dont worry they wont put a downer on me I can guarantee I will have asked them all, so if you dont wanna put them here you can fb message me no probs image

    Im going out Friday for a before treatment begins meal and drinks with hubby and friends, im worried i'll feel like I did yesterday and that my arms been ripped off as Dylans with grandma but im sure ill have fun.

    Im so greatful to you all for all your support and well wishes it means a lot

    Em x x x x
  • Em, don't worry hon. You need to spend time with your hubby and friends and if that means Dylan needs to be with Grandma for a little while then that's ok! There are so many sections of each of our lives and, much as Jak is my entire world, he's not old enough to go to the pub and gossip with the girls, and I haven't done that for the last time in my life so sooner or later he'll go to his Mops and Pops with Daddy, and I'll catch up with the people who've been there for me through thick and thin! Your friends deserve to have you all to theirselves for just a teeny bit, and Dylan will love to be with Grandma for a while, so don't feel worried even slightly (easier said than done, I need to take my own advice!)

    x x x
  • Your a really strong person, your strength in this situation is admirable.

    Sending you lots of love

    Jenna + Emily x

  • Appointment at the cancer hospital in Manchester- Christies on Monday dinner time. Should discuss treatment options which is good as im starting to struggle a bit painwise :evil:

    But its dancing shoes time tomorrow providing MIL can get here in the snow soooooooo excited although scared about leaving Dylan :cry:

    Thought id keep you up to date

    x x x
  • thanks for the update - i end up thinking about you all the time hun - all positive thoughts - just wanted to say again that we are all here for you - so pleased hubbys work are being so understanding - when do you think the treatment will start and how long will it go on for?

    I love the video of your little man - he is gorg - the girls are right he smiles from his eyes and is just adorable x x
  • Im glad things are moving forward for you hon so you can then manage the pain a bit better.

    It's not that I have questions, it's more that I have trouble coping with other people's pain who I care about and I just think how unfair this is for you to go through, not once, but twice. And I think of all those weeks in the second half of your pregnancy that you were complaining of shoulder pain and they kept telling you to go away and take paracetamol or just put up with it! I suppose though, there would have been nothing more you could have done at the time until Dylan arrived. So yet another example of your amazing strength.

    Im glad we can talk about it on here with you. We have shared all our other fears and joys throughout our pregnancies, our births and after our gorgeous bubbas arrived. It doesnt matter what topic it is, we are all here for each other.

    Well honey, if I dont catch you tomorrow before you head out, have a WONDERFUL evening! Have a real tasty cocktail before you start on the chemo ones (I imagine they don't taste quite so good). In fact we should all have a toast to you tomorrow eve. I propose a toast! To a wonderful, inspirational young woman whom I am so glad to have met online. ;\) Hmmmm.. what am I going to have? I think I will have a Baileys on ice! CHEERS!! image

  • The chemo cocktail last time tasted of metal YUM image would much prefer an amaretto sour :lol: I will certainly join you in your toast but mine will be to great friends who are there when you need them! But the chemo cocktail is more valuable contains platinum so id probably worth more than the platinum rings on my finger, my fil says he will sell pints of my blood on ebay it'll be worth that much :lol:

    Sarah in terms of length of treatment it depends on what they want to do and what chemo they want to give me. Last time it was chemo every 3 weeks for 6 doses that was between end of feb and beginning of July, then 6 weeks of radiotherapy everyday till end of august, this time I think it will be more condensed but we will have to see what monday brings.

    Sim in terms of your earlier comment that bald is beautiful my hubby agress but I think only on me. I married a very special man I told him to leave me last time as I knew how much he wanted children and I wouldnt be able to give him them (was kinda wrong wasnt I :lolimage he refused and made me feel the most beautiful person alive even when I didnt have eyebrows! Ah well saves plucking them, and maintaining other areas I suppose image

    Love to all you special ladies and your bubbas x x x x

  • I will be toasting with the bottle of champers (well the pretend stuff that we didnt have on new years eve)

    A toast to a wonderful family -to our be friends - and to a year of wide shoulders to support you every step of the way - CHEERS x
  • I'll drink to that girls - to good friends (virtual or otherwise) and gorgeous babies

    There'll be watered down fruit juice in my glass but I'll pretend it's fizz!

    Hope you have a fantastic evening out Em, and will be thinking of you on Monday

    Big hugs xx
  • Oooh, I'll drink to that too, my sister's coming round tonight with Chinese and a bottle of vino! Enjoy every minute of your night out, you deserve it! x x x
  • Hey Em, Just wanted to say sorry I haven't been around much but just caught up...have a wonderful night tonight and there will be a glass of wine with your name on drunk at my house tonight! I will be thinking of you on Monday and wishing you all the luck in the world - the way you are handling this I can't even entertain the idea that you won't make a complete recovery - you really are an inspiration. So Cheers Em! Have a good one and keep us posted xxx
  • Oh dear ive just got a letter through the post asking me to attend a survivors course following the completion of my last treatment of cancer. So close and yet so far eh?! I burst out laughing especially as it came with confirmation of my appointment on monday :lol:

    Ah well my little boys child tax credit and child trust fund also came today image and he is currently on his second proper nap of the day image

    I will be thinking of you all tonight when I have my vino and counting myself very lucky to "know" such lovely people image

    x x x

  • I cant believe I have only just read this. I have no words to describe how angry and pissed off I am that this is happening to such a wonderful person, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing, you are an inspiration and dylan is so so lucky to have you as a mummy.
    I also will be having a glass of wine for you tonight, (actually, it'll be a G&T because I cant handle even one glass of wine!) and I will be thinking of you on Monday xxxxx
  • Thinking of you Em. Lots of love and luck. xx
  • Hiya Em,

    Hope you've found your dancing shoes for tonight, more so that they still fit after being pregnant.

    Enjoy your night out tonight.

    I'll have a southern comfort with you later on.

    Take care

    Laura & Edward
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