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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • All my love. Thinking of you, just been wishing there was something physical us Nov mummies could do to help. If you think of anything just let us know image x
  • Hi Em
    I'm also a G/C - born in October.
    I saw, and posted on, your memory box post in Baby and wanted to read your story, hope you don't mind.

    I just wanted to say that whilst your posts have had me in tears, you have shown such positivity & strength that it's amazed me.
    Your little boy has a wonderful Mummy in you and I really hope that you will be there along his growing up journey.
    I admire your strength and even though it's virtual, I'm sending you a great big hug and wishing you all the best.
  • Hi Em

    I am also GC, hope you don't mind but your story and your strength and courage is a true inspiration. You really are a wonderful lady and your son will gropw up very proud of you.

    I read your post re wanting to go swimming but your concern over your reduced immunity. Just so you know, my daughter was born without a spleen so has a seriously comprimised immune system but have been swimming every week since she was 4 months (now almost 9 months) and she has had no problems at all so it may be worth dbl checking as hopefully you will be able to take your son swimming no probs? x x
  • Mel thank you so so much for that! I will certainly look into it plus then daddy can take pics for more memories from the sidelines.

    Thank you to everyone who offers there support and reads my post I really appreciate it. I dont think im brave im just unfortunately faced with a horrible situation and im just doing what anyone would do.

    I will continue to smile image

    Much love

    Em and Dylan 9 weeks image x x x x
  • No probs - I suppose it does depend a little on the cleanliness of the pool but we use and they pool is always very clean etc so it may be worth looking into x x
  • Hi Em,

    I havn't been on here since having esme and i am so upset at hearing your news. You are an amazing person and the strength and courage you are showing as admorable. Dylan will be so proud to have a mummy like you. Im sending love and hugs your way. Take Care.

    Jade (jstar) xxx
  • I really hope it's OK to G/C but I just couldn't read this and not post. I really don't know what to say apart from you are an incredibly incredibly brave lady and Dylan is completely blessed to have you as his mummy.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world and thinking of you and your boys lots.

  • Hi hun,

    Hows everything going? Remember keep up the PMA you know we are all here for you and you know we love you and we all think how amazing you are, look at all these lovely ladies g/c to say what a wonderful person/mother you are xxxxx

    Sim really jealous of you!! Hope you are having a good time!
  • Hi, totally g/c.
    I read your memory box post and replied there but wanted to read your story, hope you don't mind.

    Will be thinking of you and hope you share your journey with us for all the support we can offer.
    You're a very inspirational and brave lady and Dylan is very lucky to have you as his mummy.
    Take care, Suz x
  • Hi g/c sorry!
    I read your post,I think you memory box idea is lovely an im sure he will love it.You are very brave and inspirational women an when your little ones grows up he will take after his mummy.x
  • Thank you to everyone who has gatecrashed adding support and advice it is really appreciated.

    Dylan was indeed born in Hope and I go along the heights almost daily, I will look into the hospices but I have just contacted a swimming school that uses Springwood School, for children with special needs so thats a hydrotherapy pool and very clean too but at least now I have a back up should this not come off.

    Hey Roslyn, im still positive image this situation hurts like hell but I need to still smile or I wouldnt be me anymore. I one got asked at 15 by a boy trying to show off, why do you smile all the time? My quick reply was well I have nothing to be miserable about! Now I may have now but I have much more to smile and be positive about.

    Went for my trial session for radiotherapy, start 2 weeks of it on monday, so to the hospital daily. I swear Dylan falls asleep at home then wakes up at hospital and the expression on his face is where the hell am I now!!! He charms the pants of everyonw though all the nurses have to come and have a look, so my brother in law found when holding him Monday so he is his new pulling partner :lol: and an elderly man came up to us today didnt say a word and pushed 50p into his fist and walked off bless image

    Right have to go and have a gigglr at my little man who is shrieking and gurgling and cooing on his playmat, he never stops chatting, according to his daddy hes just like his mummy image

    x x x x
  • Dylan sends Maaya a big hug and a kiss image
  • Good Luck for Monday Hun.... and how sweet of the little old man to cross Dylans palm with silver.... hardly ever heard of these days! xxx
  • Oh my look at all these g/c!! :lol: It's great! What lovely extended support you have.

    And how lovely about the 50p. My elderly next door neighbour did the same for Brody when I took him over there to meet them. i had left it on the tv in the bedroom (with his cord stump peg!) to put away somewhere safe and hubby took it (the 50p, not the peg :lol: ) to work!! Oh I was mad... he said he didnt spend it though. I do wonder if he really brought the lucky 50p home or didnt have the heart to tell me he had actually spent it on a chocolate bar or parking or something!!

    Keep smiling beautiful! I hope youre not in too much pain after today. So you now go daily for the next 2 weeks? Im guessing it gets harder as each day goes by? What happens then? Is there a period where you regain your strength after that and start to feel a bit better?

    Thinking of you as always
  • Sorry for long delay since my last post I have suffered immensley with crippling pain, meaning I had a few nights waking screaming, my PMA disappeared and hubby struggled as he felt useless to help. BUT my gp changed my meds they took a while to tinker with but I can finally say I have had 3 good nights, and after going back to docs yesterday he has increased my dose of one of my pills to one at night (why I was sleeping) and 1 in day so I have been pain free for about 85% of yesterday, which is a MASSIVE improvement on constant pain and the other 15% is very managable. Im so pleased I was in so much pain at one point I cried with every step to Dylans room in the middle of the night then sobbed as I couldnt pick him up. Hubby has been doing the night feeds for weeks as I couldnt get out of bed for the pain and I felt like the worst mummy in the world! But the past 3 nights he hasnt had a night feed so I have been getting up between 6-7 everyday and feeding and dressing him and I feel like a good mum again, one who can look after her little man, and a lot less guilty on hubby, not that he said a word and kept telling me it wasn't my fault and I was a good mum.

    Yesterday I actually enjoyed (yes I am well aware I am a weirdo! :lolimage but im kicking its arse now image not sitting and allowing it to grow. The oncologist has started me on steroids to reduce the swelling of radiotherapy and reduce effects of pain caused by this. My skins sensitive already, which is weird as it didnt start till much later last time 4 weeks into a 6 week higher dose course :? but its ok, not sore just starting to tingle like its burnt (which it is) and quite warm to tough in certain spots.

    I go every week day for 2 weeks, then I think they let the swelling settle for a time (not sure how long yet) then will give me another MRI (I think there are more pics of my insides recently than there are of Dylan and im obsessed in taking pics of my gorgeous little man!!!) depending on results of this will decide whether they are operating or just giving me chemo. I want an operation, the other bits are apparently so negligible they arent causing symptoms and the chemo should either shrink them right back or get rid of them for a time completely so im keen for them to dig out the one in my neck, as although the chemo will have some effect on this too its unlikely to get rid completely for a while. I'd like to be in same situation I was last time in terms of getting rid (I know this time it will return but they couldn't tell me it wouldn't last time!) But look how long I went then without problems and what I achieved in the space between, and then if my body can take it when it comes back I will do it all again!! ANYTHING to stay with my gorgeous family as long as possible!

    Im going to so shine in april, with my mum sister and best friend although I have several other who are interested in joining me, and as far as I can see the more that take part the more money is raised! Would have done race for life but I actually cant say I will be fit to run but walking should be ok, if i'm recovering from surgery I have told my best friend she can push me in a wheelbarrow :lol: Haven't done a sponsor page yet but I will be cheeky when I have and add it to this thread image

    Right i've waffled on enough :lol: got to get hubby up we have to tidy before we leave for christie's as we have Steven's best friend coming over from Egypt.

    Speak soon ladies much love

    Em x x x x
  • Hi Em, I've just popped over to catch up and typically Finn has just started screaming! Grr! But I just wanted to say sorry I haven't been about much (Finns been a bit poorly) but you and your lovley little man are in my thoughts and even if I'm not here to say so you are! So I will go and tend to my little man and hopefully get back on later to properly read your updates image xx
  • Aww hun im sorry to hear he's now been well whats been the matter?

    Dont worry about not posting I know how busy we all are

    x x x x
  • Im sorry Em that you have had a rough few nights, im hoping that that these 3 good nights you have is going to last so you can get a good rest. I hope that they do give you the operation xxxx
  • Hey Em

    I am so pleased the pain is a little better - you said that you are not going to be able to do race for life - well - Can i run it for you? - there are loads in our area and to be honest i feel a litle helpless and never no how i can help - so i thought maybe this would make me a little more useful.

    Hope i havent overstepped the mark by saying this - x

    ps to be fair it will be more of a walk than a run! x
  • Summer thats a lovely thought and if you want to do it why not! You could pick a course that stays on hard ground and push Toby use that as your excuse for walking it image

    2nd radiotherapy done and dusted listened to lady gaga, which made me laugh as I always sing it Dylan :lol: had to remember not to sing though as i'm supposed to keep still image

    x x x
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