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I feel really down, I'm sleeping really badly, worse than my daughter I'll just lie awake unable to sleep tossing and turning, my usual list of gremlins are making me really insecure, I feel like no one likes me except my husband I think it's worse than usual as I'm even doubting my parents (who I know love me). I vary between feeling nothing and feeling numb. I feel out of control and like I need to be held. My susceptibility to being down was always my biggest fear about having children.


  • hi hun sending hugs

    have you been to see the gp or hv?
  • You sound really down hon. It might help to talk about why you are feeling so insecure? Its often better to get it out than keep it to yourself.
    We are all here for you and no one will judge you for what you feel. We can only support you and reassure you.
    Sending you a big hug xx
  • Off to the GP with you my dear. You need to see a CPN about a bit of help with depression.

    Til you get an appointment, dig out the pram, power walk to the nearest shop and get some top quality chocolate -( cadburys will NOT do) and eat it all yourself. Exercise and chocolate are both very effective remedies for depression.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Em x
  • Ditto what Ems 101 said - that was my doc prescribed last time I was having more bad days than good - and then he hugged me

    Hugs, walks and choccie and a trip to see your GP, keep us posted hun we're all here for when you need us

    Sending virtual hugs xxx
  • I agree - go to the GP honey, and definitely self-medicate with chocolate. x x x
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