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Where did it all go wrong?!

Morning girls - bit of a pointless post really, just getting increasingly frustrated t our little man's ever changing sleep habits!

Before we went away at the weekend he was waking once in the night - between 3 and 5, he'd feed and go back to sleep until 7 ish. on our first night away he slept through til 6 (virtually unheard of), second night woke at 4 and third night woke at 3. SInce we got home he's added an extra wake up!!! Which is getting earlier - it was 2 then 1 and last night 2 minutes to twelve. Have tried settling him with dummy and water and he won't have either - all he wants is more boob - he still has all his normal feeds during the day and 3 meals so how on earth can he be hungry?!?! Although we tested that with bottles of EBM - he took 2 lots of 2oz in no time so really does seem hungry.

So last night after going down at 7 he fed at 12, after keeping him upright for his reflux he was back in his cot just before 1. at 130 he was wide awake and ready to play. Cuddled him back to sleep in my bed (naughty) then he started stirring at 4 but didn't want food til 530, he fed and went back to sleep til just before 7.

Is this just a phase or is it cos he's unsettled after the weekend?

Because of the extra feed I'm struggling to express the 50ml for his porridge and had to resort to opening a carton of Aptamil yesterday, which I'm gutted about (silly I know as his needs come before my desire to not give him any formula til he hits the 6 month mark)

Do you think he'll drop the extra feed again once he's settled back at home? His daytime naps are all over the place but always have been ....

Welsh x


  • I think going away from home is very disrupting to their sleep patterns. I try and avoid overnight stays if I can- hopefully it'll get better soon. Don't feel guilty about the formula, he's only about a week or so off 6 months. xx
  • I think that he will drop the extra feed. Perhaps think of it as not a feed but a big cuddle. I guess BF is a quick way to reassure him if he is unsettled and not just about nutrition.

    I had the exact same thing. Went away for 3 nights past weekend. Amber slept brilliantly each night 7-7 with one feed between 3-5 (the same as you). When we got home on the first night she woke at 12am, the next night she woke at 10.30pm, 2pm and 4.30pm so I ended up giving her 3 small feeds! Last night back to normal. She stirred at 11pm but went back to sleep when I went in and patted her a couple of times. Then woke at 3.30am for feeding. Phew, back to normal. Just do what you alaways do and I am sure he will go back to normal in a few nights.

    it must be disruptive going away despite the fact that they seem to sleep ok at the time. It makes you think twice doesnt it.....

    In terms of formula, dont beat yourself up. Its only extra not instead of his BM. I will be in the same situtation when i give her porridge. However I have bought a HIPP porridge whcih is only add water. It has a formula base already in it. Could you get one of those and then you dont feel like you are actually using formula?!

  • Thanks girls, Sarah I'll go and look for the Hipp porridge later! I like that logic! I had the Aptamil in ready to make rice pud for him so how adding it to his porridge was any different I don't know but that's sleep deprived logic for you

    It definitely puts me off overnight stays but sadly we live 200 miles from my mum and 180 miles away from OH's sister and her family so sometimes we have to do it.

    He will have just settled again and we'll be off to mum's again towards the end of May!

    To add another spanner into the works we're thinking of swapping bedrooms - we all currently sleep in the loft - v hot at the mo so that could also be unsettling him. We're going to move into the spare room so we'll be on the same floor as Freddie and then he can have his own room. Not sure if that'll make things better or worse but at the rate we're going he'll never be in his own room as I'd be up and downstairs all night

    Right, pavement pounding beckons to get the little milk monster to sleep!

    Thanks again for the support means a lot xx
  • I'm the same as you Welsh, I'm tearing my hair out! Since we went away on Easter Sunday Jak's been waking, and there's no pattern, and I know he's definitely hungry so I feed him each time. I can't get any EBM anymore, I managed 2oz when I hadn't fed him from that side (he had milk from the freezer because I was in a meeting when he needed him lunch) but 2oz is nothing - I used to get 5oz. I'm literally a zombie... he's started having baby rice because I can't make it to 6 months exclusively feeding him, he's too hungry and extra milk isn't sustaining him. I agree - where did it all go wrong? :cry:
  • Well since we left London over 2 months ago Brody has been here, there and everywhere until we finally moved into our own place 2 weeks ago. I can vouch that it certainly disrupts them as I had to retrain him to sleep properly! But Im sure Freddie, and Jak will get back to something more "normal". Ahem.. what is normal?! :lol:
    It could also be another growth spurt? Or teething?
  • There are too many variables, aren't there?

    Hubby's currently settling Jak, he's been crying and crying for an hour. He's not hungry, wet or anything else, he's overtired. He's not even being soothed by cuddles, aaaaaarrrrrg!!!! I've been banished from his room but I can hear hubby shhhhhing and patting and soothing - it's just not working. He's far too worked up for CC, and nothing else has worked! He went down brilliantly at 7:30pm, a tiny whinge but that was only a squeak really. Then he woke at 8pm and that's been it. Help!!!
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