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Hi again (used to be gummibear)

Hi ladies,

As the title says I was previously gummibear in Due in November forum but have just got round to changing my name! I think I have a lot of you on facebook anyway and havent been on BE for a while.

I see all your little bundles are doing great which is lovely to see and for a lot of us they arent so little anymore!

Cant believe Conall is now 5 months and has 2 chompers and another 2 on the way!!!

Look forward to catching up with you all again and Im sure I'll have some silly questions I need reassurance with before too long!

Joanna (gummibear) and Conall, 5 months x



    How has the last few months been - Hope both you and little man are well x x
  • Hi Summer lovely to see u on here!

    The past 5 months have been so fast I cant believe he's almost at the 6 month mark! How about you?

    I have to say though I am enjoying every minute of it and love being a mummy! Even when, like today I end up covered in poo and have pureed pear spat up all over my top lol! x
  • i love it more than anything too - i thank the stars every day for toby - x ps i set fire to my house making pear puree!
  • Hiiiiiii its great to see you back!!! wow I cant believe Conall has 2 teeth and another 2 on the way!! I am hoping every morning to see a tooth pop through! Olivia will be 6 months on Thursday and she has been teething since 8 weeks but still nothing!!
  • Hiya!
    Welcome back - loving the pics of Conall on FB, such a happy chappy!

    2 teeth wow! Freddie's just trying to gum everything at the moment. He's eating us out of house and home and still not gaining weight - goodness knows what that's all about but I wish I could do it!

    Karen & Freddie xx

  • Hi Joanna - fab to see you back on here!

    Been keeping up to date with your pics of Conall and your comments on fb! Conall is one cute little boy!

    Sophie is 5 months now too - think she's got a tooth on the way but I've thought that for a while! She's trying to sit up herself now although hasn't quite mastered it yet! But she is constantly rolling over and can move her baby walker now!

    She's lovin her grub too!

    Nici & Sophie xxx
  • awww thanks girls lovely to hear from you all!

    Glad to hear all the November babies are coming along nicely!

  • Wow!!!! Teeth? That's so cool! I think it's such a major milestone, I hope they weren't too much trouble for him coming through!

    Em x x x
  • Hi Em,

    Yeah the bottom 2 are well and truly through and getting bigger by the day! Top 2 are on their way at the moment and seem to be causing him a lot more pain than the first 2.

    I hardly ever give him calpol but its becoming a regular thing the past week or so ... poor wee mite! He keeps chewing everything in sight then crying his eyes out because its obviously sore!

    Hopefully once those 2 come through he will get a rest for a while!

    Ps. Loving youe avatar its sooo cute! Fab expression!

    Joanna and Conall xxx
  • Hi Joanna

    Im so jealous of Conalls teeth coming through, Dylan has more drool than my dog and constant rosy cheeks im desperate for those teeth to come through for him!

    Love all the pics of Conall on fb he makes a very handsome celtic fan image

    Hope your ok and your gorgeous man too

    Em and Dylan xxxx
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