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well i haven been for 4 weeks due to ds3 being poorly (has to have tonsils and adenoids out) and having my kitchen done which still isnt done has been a nightmare!!! anyway i was dreading today really thought i had put on but no i lost half lb!! woo hoo!! thats 16 half lb in total image another 10lb to go!!!


  • well I was struggling to lose weight but I think now being on the thyroid tablets may help, it will still be slow but I have to keep pushing myself. I am now walking 5 days per week and on the cross trainer as much as possible. I lost 2lbs this week which makes 5lbs in total.
  • slower you loose it the longer it stays off x
  • Well done girls. I'll be back to report in a few days. still waiting on customs to release our shipment so i can get the wii out to do my weigh-in! Im certain Ive hit my target after walking so much. Wish me luck!
  • good luck x x x x x x
  • I have lost 4lbs this week, its been hard! Anyway 1lb left to loose and baby weight all gone woohoo!
  • brilliant well done x x x
  • I'm still not shifting ANYTHING, 10st 12lbs today... I don't think I'm going to lose any until I stop BFing because I can't diet properly. I'm getting happier with how I look though!

    Well done girlies, you're all doing brilliantly! x x x
  • Well done. Altho I said wouldn't diet etc just checked my weight and i' only a few pounds heavier than pre pg. Hooray. Thought I was at least a stone over. So once the bf stops then I can get exercising properly and be back to normal. well done everyone x
  • i stayed the same this week so 34.5lbs down with 21.5 to go!
  • Can I change mine.... was 10st 10 today, so maybe I am doing something right!

    Well done Summer, you're doing really well, it will sometimes stay the same and you've lost loads!!!
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