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please help the dummy run is sending me loopy!! :(

hey all im new on here im looking some advice! my son who is 22weeks hasnt been sleeping for the past 7 weeks we have finally came to the conclusion it is the DUMMY!! i am up about 50times a night maybe putting it in. he gets it during the day especially when his daddy would have him or my mum as they dont like hearing him moan. he has got very attached to it and likes taking it out and putting it in and then it drops out of his mouth and thats when the crying starts.

I dont think he will ever put his dummy in his mouth himself as he never fully wakens unless i dont give him the dummy and then thats him wide awake and i have to hold it in as he tries to pull it out.

i am thinking of going cold turkey on the dummy but would like some advise i have tried to keep it off him during the day and everytime he cries i have distracted him which seems to work. i tried putting him down for a sleep 2night and he cried really hard it was awful! so i ended up giving him the dummy and he went straight to sleep. on a good night he would sleep about a full hour with no dummy in his mouth it is gradualy getting worse.

would love to hear some success stories, my partner is off work for a few days next week so im planning to start then
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