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cant believe im typing this but I think maybe pg again .....

cant even say it out loud!!

I joked about how good hubby's mash tasted the other day as that was the first sign i may be pg with Luke that, increased appetite, super tired etc. etc. We had pizza last night & i was so starving & it tasted soo good i ate my DD left overs!! then i began to think seriously..... We BD about 2 days before i got ewcm & ov pains it was only a few days after my postnatal bleed had stopped properly (gradually dwindled to just needing pantyliner & had totally stopped at that stage) I presumed that cause i had only just stopped bleeding id be fine & I never even decked the BD so close to OV until now. Im about 12dpo now & was until now - patiently waiting for AF so i could start the pill!!

I am sooooooo scared its really not funny Luke's only 7 weeks old FFS!!!! & more importantly neither of us had planned anymore Ive just given all my maternity clothes to the charity shop!

HELP!! image

4fab. x


  • hun did u not use protection??

    Crikey I have no idea what to say!
  • also just had a thought... u just had a baby... maybe ur periods and body is just adjusting and ur period is being a bit funny? Or ur body is feeling a bit odd in general?
    How regular are you? xxx
  • aww hon i really feel for you because the same thing happend to me, id only stopped bleeding a few days and we didnt use any protection, to be honest we completely forgot so used to not using anything while pg! then afterwards i really started to panic as like you i ovulated about 3 days later, i could not say anything to anybody even my DH i just panicked silently for the next few weeks as my DD is only 22 mths and i have a newborn!!!! the good news is that i did start my period, i really hope you do too hon, thinking of you x
  • No rosie we didnt use anything, I honestly thought cause i was only just stopped bleeding i would be totally infertile for a good while you know like just after AF? DH didnt mention protection either nor ask anything, so at least if i am its not all my fault!! OMG i cannot believe how stupid i am what a tit!! Needless to say this is NOT a topic for facebook lol!!!

    was very regular for years upon years & suddenly all changed & my cycles became very long (longest 100 & odd days!!) & very irregular conceived Luke on cylce 3/4 but was actually aprox 8/9 month TTC if you catch my drift.

    Oh Jody thank god im not the only stupid arse on here!! how long did it take for AF to show? just your ususal LP?

    4fab. x

  • i know sooo stupid and like you i thought well i only have myself to blame!!! god af bout 14/15 days later so normal time for me if your 12dpo could you do a pg test? x
  • id be scared id get a BFN & be delighted only for it to be false one. If i need to test i think it will be when i'll be sure of the result, please god, nanas, grandad & anyone else up there, please, please send Aunt Flow, she can stay as long as she likes lol!!!

  • oh hun just wait and see what happens. How long do you think you will have to wait till AF wont show for sure?
  • Fingers crossed you get a bfn or af soon.x
  • Hehe!! us BE ladies like a bit of juicy gossip dont we - 95 views already image
  • Lol - I'm going to be hooked until I find out whether you are or not! x
  • OMG!!!

    Keep us posted imageimage
  • Wow hun hope u get af or bfn very soon. I think af came this morning ill send her ur way x

    Gems x
  • Blimey, i'm glad i popped in for a nosey on you ladies whilst i'm still patiencely waiting for lo so i can join properly. Didn't realise what i was missing!
    I really hope af finds you soon hun. Am thinking of you x
  • OMFG - I would be freaking out around now! Not much help I know, but will keep my fingers crossed AF shows up (who would have thought we'd be typing those words a year ago?!)
  • Well girls thank you for your good wishes & replies! told OH he took it far better than expected what will be will be or words to that effect. mind you if i actually have to present him with a +ve test he may react differently!!

    Also what has me thinking now is will my section scar be healed enough to cope with being stretched so soon??? I really dont know, i remember being told you should not TTC for at least 12 months after a section. Anyway we are a long way off worrying about that & rationally thinking the chances (even though it has happened twice before!) of falling pg with one bd about the right time are fairly low aren't they, please god she'll arrive over the weekend!!!

    Shall keep ye posted.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun, after having a C section, I'm worried about having sex again. Did it hurt your scar?
    Keep us posted!
  • I was told not to even try for another baby for 1-2 years after my section. The doctor said it a few times to me to make sure I understood! Hopefully you get get AF soon. xxx
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