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Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

Just a quick one to say after 9 days in hospital im finally home with my precious little man.

Thank you everyone for your lovely meassages in DIN have just sat & read every one of them and feeling very touched.

Thank you Livroncj for doing my BA & updates.

We have had a bit of a rough ride but my little Zach is so worth it, I know im biased but he is truly the most gorgeous baby ever!!

I was admitted on 1st Dec with high bp, induced at 3pm on 2nd Dec and delivered by emergency c section on 3 Dec at 7.09pm. My little man was very poorly on delivery

I am having to have my BP monitored now regulary cause of the PE & will be on medication for at least 6 weeks & slowly weaned off as it's been dangerously high.

Will do a proper BS soon but still trying to get my head around it.

Congratulations on all the BA I have missed I know there was a few of us still waiting, I will catch up up properly.

Laujai & Zach xx


  • So glad to hear you are home, I have been checking in a couple of times a day for your update! Sorry again to hear you had a rough time, Congratulations again xx
  • Hey hon,

    I only just saw the posts in DIN, I'm so sorry you and Zach have been having such a rough time (gorgeous name by the way). So glad to hear you're home with your little man now, what a journey.

    Sending you tons of love, looking forward to seeing a pic of baby Zachary soon.

    Jo x xx
  • Great to see you're home & also that you're finally able to join us!!

    massive congrats on the birth of baby Zach which i agree is a fab name. Well done hon. x

    4fab. xxx
  • Hi Laura, its Natasha. Haven't been able to get on here for ages but am so glad that all is well with you and Zach!!! Well done and congratulations!!! So sorry you've had a rough ride, you've been through so much but I'm so so pleased that you're all ok.

    Take care, lots of love and hugs xxx
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