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May I Join You?

Hi BIN ladies,

I was hoping to join your lovely forumn if you don't mind? I've come from DID.... my baby was due on Dec 2nd although she was breech and I was booked in for an ELCS Dec 1st but my little girl decided otherwise and I went into labour on the 27th and had her by Emergency CS having fully dilated!

So just wanted to say Hi to you all!!! My name's Becky and I have a little girl Heidi and she is 8 days old. Look forward to chatting to you all xxx


  • Welcome Becky and Heidi, I'm also from DID after Daniel William decided to rock up 11 days early on 21/11/10.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel (2 weeks today)
  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and welcome to born november. Look forward to gettng to know you, everyone in here is lovely.
    Jo xx
  • Hi Sam and Jo! Nice to have a fellow DID here Sam... Look forward to chatting soon xxxx
  • Hi Becky & Heidi
    Congratulations! It's great to hear from you as I think we chatted on YAYB about acupuncture?!
    My lo Imogen will be 3 weeks on Saturday.xx
  • Hey Becky & welcome to the world lickle Heidi what a fab name!!!

    Ive just had my 4th baby Luke he is 7 weeks tomorrow & like Heidi was a breech section baby although it was at 39 weeks, I cannot believe they were leaving you until the day before your EDD thats mad!!

    I should really be in BIO in fact I should really have been in DIO lol!! but i love the bunch of ladies here & could not leave them!! You are very welcome hon, & look forward to getting to know you.

    4fab. xx

  • Hi Alison and 4FAB!!

    Can't believe we've ended up in the same forum Alison... How spooky. It's definitely me about the acupuncture, I remember you from over in YAYW!!! Imogen is a lovely name.

    I did question the timing 4FAB, they said it was too busy?!?! Bad huh??? Did you have a good c-section experience though? xxx
  • It's funny how we got our bfps together & catch up 9 months later! It feels like a lifetime ago. Are you on Facebook? We've got a private group on Facebook you can join. I also had an emergency c-section! X
  • Hi Alison, yes I'm on FB and would love to join... Especially as BE is going the way of YAYW tomorrow!!! How do I join? Xx
  • Oh no, I hated yayb after the changes. I'll message you my details & you can add me as a friend. I'll then invite you to join the group.x
  • Thanks Alison! Don't think I've got an e-mail yet though? Xx
  • Sorry, I forgot. Your email button isn't activated.x
  • Hi Becky and Heidi

    I was in DID but then my darling Anna stopped growing and my pre eclampsia was developing so she was delivered 5 weeks early.

    You might rememebr me as mummy2bmack.

    Glad to hear you are doing well.

    I had no idea people were away to fb.x
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