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How long does postnatal bleeding last?

When my midwife visited and signed us off on day 10, she said it should be getting towards a discharge-y stage. Now I'm on day 17 and its still medium-flow red blood. Should I be concerned?


  • i bled for weeks!
  • Both mw and doctor told me that still having red blood for quite a while was normal. Mine stopped (I hope lol..its been stop-start for ages) at about 5 weeks.

    don't worry
  • I only stopped using a pad on monday which was day 28. It was very on and off depending on how active I'd been. I wouldn't worry but if you are contact the midwife and get them to come back out to examine you - they may have signed you off but you come under their remit for 28 days from birth. xx
  • I stopped Sunday MrO is 17days today... I get some spotting during the day depending on what i have been doing. With my 1st DS i stopped bleeding quiet fast also....

    gems&mrO x
  • GC - I stopped bleeding at 6 weeks, felt like it lasted forever!x
  • I stopped bleeing 'lots' at the beginning of last week but it has been on and off since then. Its not nice as I feel it running out (sorry if TMI) when I stand up! I hope it stops soon. x
  • 6 weeks for me.Thought it stopped about week 4 but then came back again although think this could've been a period. Back on the pill now so hopefully normality will resume!!!! xx
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