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Finally smiling!! :D

Is your baby a late or early smiler??

Mr. Luke is 8 weeks this thursday (where on earth did that time go) & is FINALLY smiling properly! I got
one smile yes just one the day before he was 6 weeks but that was it! then this last couple of days he was smiling & giggling loads at OH but would just totally stare at me! i was beginning to think he didnt like me very much lol!! Getting loads of grins now he's just sooo gorgeous I love him soooo much he melts my heart even more now!!

4fab. xx


  • My lo was the same v little smiles at hubs at 6 weeks and just stare at me!!

    Hes 9 weeks now and getting lots of smiles in last week and a little giggle today.

    He likes it when i wipe his mouth and pinch his nose


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