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OMG girls theres a line! .............

but only 1!!! Hehe!! bet i had ye going there for a min!!

was soooo worried & we had planned on doing the whole tree/lights thing this weekend with a good few bevvies, Im 14dpo today so thought would be safe enough to rely on the result.

Delighted is not the word!!

Next big worry is my daddy he is not very well & has to have a biopsy next week, hope to god those looking out for me are looking out for him too. Please say a little prayer lovely ladies :cry:

4fab. xxx


  • Hey just picked up on this thread. Had to giggle (sorry) glad its the outcome you wanted but i'd still be tempted to test again next week - my friend has less than 11months between her youngest two and they are the same school year too (sept 9th and July 30th) but she loves having them so close (although not to begin with), her older two were only 4 and 7 at the time too!!! Saying that there is only 15months between my two youngest and my older two are only 3 and nearly 5 - i'm rather tired lol. I'm still undecided on whether we'll have anymore but if we do it will be sooner rather than later.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for your Dad and hope that all turns out to be well. I 've been there too so know what its like.
    Love Jo xx
  • OMFG.... My nerves can't take it!!!
    That's great news!! I bet that drink will taste even better now!
    Someone I used to work with had 2 babies in 2005 - one in j
    Jan or feb & one in December! Far from planned no 2!!
    Fingers crossed for your dad. I'll definitely say a prayer for your dad. I want to take Imogen to church for the first time (before I want to book her christening!!) & if I get there this weekend I'll light a candle for your dad.xx
  • You are a wind up!! Glad it was the result you wanted now if you horney pair can't control yourselves maybe you should wrap it before you pack it :lol: sorry couldn't resist!! Sending best wishes for your Dad, I will also say a prayer for him at church on Sunday xxx
  • Glad you got the result you wanted. Hope your Dad is ok. xx
  • OMG i wasworried there for a miute!! glad you got a negative! fingers crossed your dad is ok x
  • OMG I actually thought you were then...

    I hope your dad is ok too. It must be awful waiting to hear news xx
  • Socks - pmsl!! it was well & truly wrapped the other morning you can be sure of that!! AF is here so Im popping pills now! image

    Thanks girls for the good wishes & prayers for my Daddy he has a Cat scan today before his biopsy, really scared, you take your parents so much for granted we think they'll be around forever dont we. We are sooo close & always have been, I would still walk in & go sit on his knee for quick cuddle for christ sake, Id be lost without him, really really would. Here come the tears so thats enough of that!!

    thank you all again.
  • Hey JoJomummy, I didnt realise yours were that close together, no wonder you're tired! There are 2 years between each of the first 3 & then 4 years between the 3rd & the baby, so ages 8, 6, 4 & almost 2 months. Im finding this one is like the first with the big gap its all new & I get to have him all to myself just him & me every morning until 1.30pm which is lovely. Does your OH want anymore? We are done now so much so we are deciding whether Hubby should get the snip or not! We are both sure we dont want anymore, BUT after our 2nd it was him who pushed for no. 3 I wasnt too fussed, then it was me who pushed for no.4 so you dont know whats around the corner or how we may feel in a few years. Being so young (just 32) I feel the snip is quite final!!
    Are you on fb hon?

    4fab.x x
  • I'm not on FB something i always mean to do but then don't, plus takes me all my time to keep up with my closest friends as it is. My hubby would have me pregnant and barefoot for the next 15years with masses of children filling the house lol. However, he also says the final decision is up to me as it my life that gets the greater impact - Don't get me wrong he does his fair share. Plus you have to be practical, think about holidays, cars, school fees etc which i know is mainly financial but you have to think about these things - we've just bought a wreck of a house that will be a forever home - (we said that we built the house we are in now and we have more than enough space but being ruled by heart over head with the wreck lol) - so will be busy for a while and probably too knackered for sex....well maybe not hahaha.
    I so hope your dad is ok i really do. I lost my dad 2 1/2 years ago and i think about him everyday, i could cry right now when i think about it, he was everything to me and my siblings so i really am thinking of you and keeping things crossed for you.
    Much Love Jo xxx
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