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c-section ladies - update

hi, hope everyone is feeling a lot better and getting closer to recovery!

just wondering how everyone is getting on?

i'm close to 4 weeks now, my scar looks nice and healing nicely,however my stomach and scar is still so tender, still on painkillers but can move about a lot more and do more without getting tired.

emotionally i'm still a bit wobbly coz of the section, esp as someone told me you dont bond the same with your baby as you dont have that big ending of pain once baby is out image this has made me panic a bit as i have nothing to compare with, i love my baby and cant imagine life without him. anyone else heard this?

anyway hope everyone is feeling better and enjoying motherhood image



  • Hi hon firstly have to address the not bonding thing. Ive had 3 natural births with no complications before this section & although it is VERY different to say you dont bond with your baby is a crock of sh!t Im sorry! It felt weird not to have immediate cuddles & there is such a relief when the pain ends. When hubby brought him into me it kind of felt like he was holding someone elses baby but as soon as i held him & he looked into my eyes I fell inlove with him & got the same feelings as i did the other 3, just delayed somewhat as of course didnt get to hold him straight away.

    As for recovery, you poor devil i was back driving at 4 weeks & felt almost 100% I have been very lucky with my recovery & didnt need painkillers from day 5 hoovering from a week!! Saying that im really numb in parts must be severed nerves or whatever, but perhaps that helped & i didnt feel all of what i should have, but day 2 & 3 were horrific after the morphine drip ran out!!!!!!

    Hope to god you recover fully very soon lovely lady. xx


  • Poo - my reply just disappeared!!
    I forgot to say on previous thread... Lucky you 4fab getting morphine!! I got co-codamol & voltarol in hospital & was told to get ibuprofen & paracetamol when I left or to contact doctor if I wanted anything stronger.
    My lo was born 2.5 weeks ago & pain is practically gone. It felt like sineine switched off pain last thursday. I had to see emergency doctor on Sunday as I've got an infection in scar/wound. I can't see scar as it's under layer of fat/saggy skin (bit of pre-pregnancy fat which dropped while pregnant - nice!!) but nurse yesterday said it's healing well with only 3 red patches & one small bit split open. I'm exhausted but put that down to tiredness from night feeds but I think part of it is body requiring more sleep to heal. I'm going to bring Imogen back to bed when visitors leave tomorrow as I'm getting a sore throat.

    Bonding wise I'm not too concerned as love I feel for Imogen is overwhelming & look in her eyes is lovely as she definitely knows who her mummy & daddy are. I think the only positive of c-section is that it has made my Hubby more hands on as I had to talk him through what to do at first & he did most nappy & clothes changes in first 2 weeks. I've got lots of friends & family with babies & have helped out since they were little so was reasonably confident beforehand - due to lack of practice i've lost confidence with our baby but this is coming back & when mum goes I think being left to do it all will help. Mums help has been invaluable but I think we need to be left to find our own way soon.
    Were you told not to push pram for 6 weeks? My cousins were & they were shocked at how few warnings I received.
  • OMG - I've been out pram pushing! Why would you not be allowed to push a pram?

    I'm 3 weeks and 1 day today and still have a sore tummy, not enough to need painkillers though. Off to see doctor tomorrow as I've opened my scar up in 2 places and it isn't healing.

    Just want it to heal now so i can go out walking to shift some of this bloody weight!
  • Hi
    I am now on antibiotics for an infection in my scar. It is really sore oneside and it is bleeding and is generally not nice! It is qute painful when Jacob sits on my lap and sometimes it is hard to feed him.

    I was told not to iron or hoover for 6 weeks. I was also told wait for a few weeks before pushing the pram. I am still wearing the horrid tights the hospital gave me during the day but no longer at night. I'm not allowed to lift Lily or the car seat either...they gave me a list when I left hospital. I have been lucky and hubby has been off work on his paternity leave then he worked from home two days because of the snow and now he has 3 days holiday. I am 3 weeks today and can't wait for the next 3 weeks to pass! I am dreading hubby being back at work on Monday. I think it will be hard esp as the weather being awful I am paranoid about falling on the ice and my scar burtsting.

    I was given volterol and paracetamol in hospital and then enough to last the first week at home. I have been taking painkillers as and when I have felt bad- usually before bed.

    The bonding thing, well I had a normal delivery with Lily and I never felt that rush of love for her. This time I never felt that rush of love either - this was an emergency c-section. But I love them both so much I could cry!

  • Its such a joke that every hospital gives different advice - I was only told no shopping bags or driving for 6 weeks & no hoovering for 3 months.
    I think the pram thing is because it puts pressure on your abdomen. We were out with pram after few days but it hurt to push up curbs so mum or Hubby did that bit.
    My dressing will be changed by nurse tomorrow. Can you all see scar when you look down or do you have to look in mirror?xx
  • I can just about see my scar and its still quite tender although Emily has put on lots of weight in the last week and a half and I think i'm feeling it in my scar when I pick her up.
    I was told light housework from 4 weeks but that was it. I'd love to be able to drive again but cannot get an appointment with the doctor until 6 Jan for my 6 week check (which will be 8 weeks!) Is anyone else driving yet?
    Has anyone had sex yet? I'm worried about ripping my scar but would love to get close to hubby again.
  • Cuddles is the most we've had and will be having for a long time! The hospital scared me by telling me I couldn't even try for another baby for 1-2 years as it tales this long to heal properly inside! I hate the not driving as I feel so trapped in the house. I can't walk to toddler group so poor Lily will be stuck at home with me and Jacob until I can drive again.

    I can see my scar now as my belly has gone right down - the first week it was horrible and swollen. I don't like my scar at all. I feel that Jacob was ripped from my body and find that feeling hard to get past. xxx
  • Have you spoken to the hospital about how you feel? Mine do a birth reflection service. I'm going to make an appointment as soon as I can drive again so I can work out what went wrong. I'm trying not to think about it at the moment but it has put me off having another baby for a long while which isn't good as I wanted my children close together.

  • Jesus Alison 3 months to hoover?? I hoovered the whole house on day 8 Ooops! My leaflet said no lifting & after 6 weeks you can introduce light chores such as make your own breakfast! pmsl!! Personally i think you know your limits I have overdone it but knew when to stop i just kind of didnt, i'd do just ONE more thing then stop which was silly of me.

    I was back driving at 4 weeks. As for sex it was fine no different felt nothing around my scar, which is minging BTW have a great big flop of skin hanging over it & a total jellybelly after 4 babies- blurrgh, gross.

    Kind of get what you mean about baby being ripped from your body Jellyfish.P., i feel like i didnt give birth, like i was pregnant & now im just not, the inbetween bit & birthing process is all missing, massive anti-climax compared to a natural birth. I would definately encourage all you 1st time section mummys to go for VBAC if possible next time.

    4fab. xx

  • hi i can totally agree with that 4 for & jellyfish, i was pregnant then there was a baby,there was no inbetween bit.

    i have thought about a vbac next time (if there is one!) however i had a rough time up until the section as baby was b2b and i would be worried it would be the same again. i can imagine tho that it will get easier to forget!

    i thought the reason you cant drive is nothing to do with how you feel. my midwife told me that insurance wise you arent covered for 6 weeks after a major operation,and a section is classed as a major operation. i would love to be wrong, i'm dying to drive, but 6 weeks for me is christmas day

  • Betsy - Lily was back to back and I got her out soooo quick and never felt the contractions. Only had back ache so MW was telling me when to push. I did it on 3 puffs of gas and air before I got fed up of the stuff...couldn't work the mouth piece lol. So don't worry about another one being back to back too much.

    I think we will have another baby and I def want a VBAC. We did talk about having a close gap but now it'll have to be trying for one when Jacob is 18 months as I think I'd best listen to MW and not try until he's that old. I don't want to do any damage!

    Anyway I think for me it is more that I feel cross that I was seen by 6 different MWs and although they all pulled faces when I said where I got kicks they didn't scan me to check he was breech and we knew he was at 29 weeks when we had a 4D scan. If I knew they couldn't turn him I would have been more prepared for a planned section. I like to be in control and I didn't feel I was.

    It hasn't put me off another baby but it will def be my last. Hubby is ok with three but he won't even consider 4 lol.

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