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Where is everyone?! How are you all getting on?

I can't wait to do it all again!!!! I love my little boy and he's a little star - mostly sleeping pretty well at night and I have nothing to complain about so far. I'm sure it will change at some point soon but so far, so good.

For those of you that are breastfeeding, do any of you ever wake up drenched in sweat and suffering from painful finger joints? I am, it's not too bad and reading up on it apparently it's normal but I was wondering how long it lasts for?

Jacob is one month old today - I cannot believe it's gone so quick but I love being a mum!! xxx


  • Hi, glad you are enjoying motherhood as much as I am.

    Oliver is 10 weeks old now and starting to get into a night time routine. He sleeps quite well 3-4 hours at night and as I am breastfeeding I can't complain. I also wake up very hot and sweaty but haven't had painful joints.

    He has recently become much more awake and alert so it's great to play with him during the day. Every smile is so rewarding I can't help grinning like a loon every time he does it.

    I would love to have another if finances allow but not sure how I wool love another baby as much as I do olly.

    YC x
  • Hi

    Glad everything is great with you, Jacob sounds like a little star!

    Freya is fab, she doesnt sleep too well, unless being cuddled! Shes got us wrapped round her little finger.

    Im doing mixed feeding, as at first she wasnt latching on well and lost weight so im expressing 2/3 times per day, 1/2 breast feeds and the rest formula.

    She weighs 8lb 5 now, at 8 weeks shes still tiny but gradually putting weight on, bless her!

    Shes really alert now and shes smiling loads, its lovely.

  • Can your Jacob send my Jacob some of his good sleep vibes please?!!! Jacob just doesn't seem to have much of a pattern to his sleeping or eating. He is adorable tho and I don't really mind the lack of sleep when he looks at me with his big eyes!

    I think most people post on the FB group.

  • Hello

    I'm loving being a mummy! Sophie is such a good baby. She's so contented! She's slept through the night a few times in the past week or only wakes once. She slept from 9-5 last night which was amazing, but then didn't want to go back in her Moses basket so I cuddled her for a while until she fell asleep. I nodded off for a bit with her too. She did that a lot in the first few weeks and stilll doesn't like being put in there during the afternoon and early evenings so we don't get to eat at the table. We're getting adept at eating one handed.

    I love the way she's started "talking" to us and laughing. She's a very happy little lady and she melts our hearts constantly.

    I had pains in my finger joints when I wad pregnant and still get it some nights now, although not as much. My ring fingers lock too, most bizarre. Thinks it's like carpel tunnel as my dad gets it too. Hopefully it'll go soon.

    She's still cluster feeding from about 5 or 6 pm for a few hours. Anyone else still having this? I'm still bf exclusively so sometimes I just feel like there's nothing left she can possibly feed on, it can get exhausting!

    We'd definately like another one in a couple of years! Xx
  • JFP - how could I get on the facebook group?

    Puddleduck - Jacob cluster feeds too in the evening. Yesterday I had a bit of a wobbly moment because he was just crying and I'd only just fed him so I ended up giving him some expressed milk and he immediately went to sleep - he was just hungry so I was worrying that I wasn't giving him enough milk. I checked his latch and I think that he wasn't latching entirely correctly so I changed that and I started taking Fenugreek tablets yesterday and it seems to have improved already because I was able to express much more (80ml instead of my normal 50ml) this morning than I have done before.

    We end up putting Jacob in his bouncy vibrating chair or his swing while we have dinner. I want to eventually put him in his high chair when we have dinner so he can get used to being up at the table while we eat.

    So much to seems not enough time as the days fly by. xx
  • One of us needs to invite rubbish at working out how to do it tho! Will get one of the ladies on FB to do it! Will go ask now....

  • thanks, Yummy_Mummy_2be has sent me details xx
  • Hi, could someone please invite me to the fb group too x
  • What's fenugreek muppet29? Xx
  • My lo is 10 weeks now. Starting to sleep 5-6 hrs a night now. Hes quite demanding in the day and needs lots of cuddles bless!!

    He doesnt like his pram much likes the sling!!

    Not sure if hes starting teething as hes been grizzly and dribbly.

    Hope ur all ok and miss everyone its v quiet on here now!!!

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