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Help BIN mummies - confused about BF baby and need advice!

Hi guys

Happy NY and hope all had a lovely first chrissy with their little ones.

Alexandra is thriving. Was born 7lb7 and is now 9lb3 at 6 weeks tomorrow.

She LOVES breastfeeding which is magic after having a very colicky difficult baby to feed, first time around.

However, she's always wanted to feed fairly much constantly in the day (good night sleeper mostly, thx god otherwise don't know how I'd cope) and feeds still haven't spaced out as I had hoped they would have by now :/

She feeds mostly every hour and a half but in evenings, I am chained to sofa and feed constantly through to about 10.

This I can accept but a recent development is that if she isn't feeding in the day, she's crying and really crying until I feed her. Can't lie her down on her back anymore in cot as she just will not settle. She is doing power-vomiting and I need to keep her upright after feeds for at least 10 minutes to make sure she doesn't be sick (as once she is sick, not only is there the mess, but she wants to start feeding from scratch again!!)

I've wondered about reflux but it's not every feed and it's not AT ALL during the night (can lay her down after a minute or two after her night feed and she's never been sick in her cot). I also wonder if she is comfort suckling but I hold her tight to me while she cries (don't want to leave alone to cry) and she goes for EVER! Only feeding works.

Am a bit worried the constant feeding maybe is CAUSING the screaming between feeds - maybe it is a vicious cycle?

Really don't want to try a dummy as it was bane of my life with DD1 putting it back in on a night (and we have good night sleeping this time around)

Anyone had similar or got any ideas???!!!

Love Lizzie xoxoxo


  • Sorry dont have much in the way of advice but if she is just needing comfort then a dummy may be your best option. As she sleeps well at night she may not want a dummy then. Do you have any breastfeeding support groups local to you? Or maybe your hv can think of something.

    Hope things settle down for you soon.

    YC x
  • Sophie is similar. She cluster feeds all evening. It can start around 5 or 6 and continue anywhere between 10 and 12. There's no pattern in the day either. Sometimes she can go 3 hours between feeds and other times only an hour. We're lucky too that she does sleep ok during the night. She will either sleep through or wake just once.

    I don't have a solution I'm sorry, just wanted you to know you're not alone!!

    If you do find a solution, you'll have to let me know. Xx
  • haha I will!

    thx for replies. I've finally caved and let her suck dummy after feeding all morning. my poor DD1 aged 2 was really not coping well by hour 3, poor love.

    YC - tried calling LLI but no reply. will try again later and try linking into a group for support.

    thx xxxx
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