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First period??tMI alert

Hello everyone, hope there are still a few people around. I miss everyone!!

I'm still breastfeeding so didn't expect a period for a while but I've been having some reddy/brown discharge for a couple of days, slowly getting heavier. Also been having lower back pain like I get with periods. Could this be my first period or could it be an infection or something? It doesn't smell (sorry if tmi!). I had stitches but haven't had any problems with them.

Anyone else had this? Xx


  • I have no idea hun can you check with your HV for an opinion? Does it feel painful other than normal af painful or stingy at all?
  • I saw the hv today and didn't even think of asking. I had loads of baby questions!!

    I haven't got any cramps, just back pain and it doesn't sting. I might give them a call tomorrow. Thanks socks. Xx
  • Not sure. I started with bad belly ache a few days before AF arrived. I have had cramps on and off since AF started which isn't like me at all.

    Hope HV has some advice.

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