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First AF after having baby - is this normal?

Hi ladies


If you are squeamish please do not read the rest of this post.

I have just started my first AF after having DS2 6 and a half weeks ago and it's as heavy as the blood loss when I had him! I can feel it coming out and it gets worse the more I move about. My lady garden is aching like someone has kicked me in it repeatedly for several hours and I have bad stomach ache as well. I just went for a bath and had to get out after 5 monutes as I started bleeding in the bath, which I have never done before.

Is all this normal? I don't remember it being this bad after DS1. It is literally the same amount of blood as I was losing after I gave birth and I'm having to double up maternity pads in my pants!

I'm going to docs tomorrow for a different issue so will mention the bleeding, but just wanted to know if anyone else has been this bad as I am getting a bit worried.

Thank you, and really sorry for the TMI.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel



  • Just wondered how you got on at the docs?

    My AF is 'running out' of me, sorry if TMI but I feel it when I move about. My belly ache has been quite bad and I never get it like this at all. I am presuming it's all to do with the uterus contractng back to normal??

    Hope you are ok anyway!

  • I think I am about to come on, have severe belly ache and am VERY moody ! I will let you know in a couple of days... !
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