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How much milk?

Daniel is 7 weeks tomorrow and taking between 5oz and 7oz every 3 to 4 hours. For those of you bottle feeding how much and how often are your little ones taking?

Daniel does only have one feed during the night though so not sure if he is a bit of a piggy during the day to make up for that, which I'm fine with as long as I get a good nights sleep :lol:



  • I think it depends on his weight love. My Anna is 13 weeks and is taking 5-6oz every 3-4 hrs but she was premmie and now weighs 8lb11oz.

    When she was born we woul;d rejoice if she took 25-30ml! lol!x
  • Hey there

    my lo is 14 weeks & also takes between 5 & 7oz every 3 or 4 hours also. Most nights we get until 6am with last feed around 10 or 11. He has been like this for weeks & weeks & weeks i did get a little worried at one stage cause he seemed to be increasing the amount he needed every few days & i wondered what the hell do we do when he goes past 9oz!! but im still making 7oz bottles has to be since about 6/7 weeks. He sometimes will only want 5 oz & others he will almost drain the bottle. I dont think he will sleep all night (i mean like from a kiddies bedtimes of about 7/8pm) until he's on solids TBH.

    All formula boxes will say their recommended amounts are only a guideline & your baby may take less or more. I reckon babies will take what they need when they need it. My little girl was still only taking 3oz (i can remember exactly cause she was in hosp & it was a factor as to whether she could come home)but she thrived & grew as quick as the rest of them. As long they are putting on weight & growing steadily i would not be a bit worried.


  • Millie is on 7oz atm every 4 hours, she was 10 weeks old yesterday. Shes been sleeping through since she was about 3 weeks so proper guzzles it down in the day. I say every 4 hours but today as an example.

    Her 7oz bottles were 8.30am, 10.30am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm

    lol we're babysitting atm so suspect she'll have a bottle about 11/12 then sleep through til 9 and have a bottle about half past/10.

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