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Self imposed guilt trip!

Does anyone else occasionally get the worse case of guilt ever about something you've done or not done for your little one?

We were invited to a retirement do today an hour and a half away. Off we went at 9am and we didn't get back til 6. She had a crying episode during dinner, so I went outside with her. Then she started crying again during the speeches so hubby took her outside and sat in the car for a bit. I then took over and fed her in the car.

But then I was paranoid I was a bad mum for dragging her out for so long, letting her cry for 15 mins, being out in the cold and anything else I could possibly think of! Came home and cried. Was still upset this morning and paranoid she'd caught a chill by being in the cold.

Not feeling 100% myself so think that hasn't helped my state of mind. Just writing this down has helped too! And breathe! Xx


  • Hi, I think guilt is just part of being a mum!

    I constatnly feel guilty about one thing or another. Guilt if we go out for the day and guilt if we stay in.

    My latest guilt trip is that lo sleeps 6-7 hours at nighth and that means he is in the same nappy for that time, I was worried that I should be changing it in the night!!! I quickly talked myself out of it.

    All my mummy friends say that feeling guilty is part of their daily lives now so I have to get used to it haha!!!

    YC and Oliver 12weeks x
  • Yep count me in for the guilt! I feel guilty that I'm not keeping the house clean enough, then if I put her in her chair and clean I feel bad that I'm not playing with her while she's awake! If I switch off while she's feeding and watch tv I think it's terrible that I'm not talking to her and don't even get me started on the staying in going out thing!

    Think we're all doing a great job and should stop beating ourselves up but that's not likely to happen is it?! Keep smiling - u r doing great!

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