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Where is everybody?

Hi everyone ( if there's anyone left that is!)

Hope all is well, are you all on Facebook now, if so could someone please let me know what the groups called or how I join you? I have a facebook account already. Missing our little community image


Maman Kabba



  • i am still here and not on facebook,

    sophie is 7weeks and 4days, she is doing really well she just started giggling which is really cute she has her 8 week appointment next thurs when she will be 8weeks and six days.

    she is a terrible sleeper and im getting really frustrated with missing out on my sleep for a couple of weeks from about four to six weeks she slept everynight but has stopped that now and im lucky to get three or four hours sleep in a 24hour period.

    she was 9lb 5oz when she was born and she was 12lb 1oz at her six week appointment.

    how is everyone else gettingo n with their babies lets get this forum active again

    i miss all the support i used to have here and the joy of reading everyones experiences

    nichola and sophie xx
  • Hiya... the group is private so nobody outside can see the posts. If you add me on Facebook, I'll add you to the group. I'll message you my name x
  • Could you also let me know how to get onto the facebook group x
  • A lot of people use another forum that was created because BE had some problems when it changed over.

    Here is the link.

    Most of use use the FB page.

    Hope you are ok and enjoying being a mum!

  • ycchick - I've sent you a message

  • Hi! I'm still here too! Things going well - my daughter is almost 11 weeks now and can't believe how time is flying by. She generally sleeps well at night but can be a moo to get down during the day but we're working on that! We've just started a course of baby massage which she loves so I'd really recommend signing up for one or getting a book.

    We had jabs last week which produced some very sad eyes but she was generally ok after although she's had snuffle for about two weeks.

    Amazingly we're still breastfeeding as we had a pretty rough start with it and a bit of a prolonged stay in hospital. Luckily she will take a bottle of expressed milk too so dad can do an overnight feed at the weekend to give me a break.

    Have just sent dad and baby out for a walk while I have a bath, which is lovely as the last bath I managed was when I was in labor! Next weekend i'm going out for the afternoon and leaving n with husband for the first time!

    How is it going with everyone else? Look forward to hearing your news!
  • hi everyone my ds is 13 weeks tomorrow. All going well sleeping well at night.

    Its quiet over here so im in bio alot of time as he was born in oct.

    Hope everone ok and do miss hearing from everyone. Hope my bump buddy mum of 3 blues is ok.

  • Hi there. I'm fine thanks care-bear. Kyle is 6 wks now don't know where the times gone. can't believe how quiet it is in here now art don't really understand why so many have left.

    hope all you other mummys and babies are well. boring with taking lo for jabs ok. I'm dreading when kyle needs he's but after 3 I've learn't how to put on a brave face image x x
  • hiya, glad ur ok and lil kyle. I dont understand why so many left? Miss everyone! Is Kyle sleeping well for u?

  • I'm still here. I miss everyone too. I've been on the nest a few times too, hopefully more will venture over.

    Sophie is 11 weeks and is so good. She's been sleeping through from 10-7/8 since Christmas eve. We also have issues putting her down in the daytime, she won't really sleep unless she's being held. Really trying to get round that!

    We've also started baby massage, it's fab. Definately recommend it. We're due to start baby swimming in Friday too, but she's got a cold so really hoping she gets better by then.

    I don't really understand why everyone left. I think there was a bit of a problem when the site And usernames changed. I still don't know who my secret Santa was. Xx
  • Hi

    no sleeping is not one of kyle's speciality's but then sleeping never has been with any of my boys.

    we had our 6wk check yesterday and he now weighs 12lb and has grown 5cm since birth. I'd forgotten how quick they lose their newborn looks though.

    Hope everyone else is ok x x
  • hey puddleduck we have this issue too hates sleeping without us. But fine at night. If gets cuddled for his daytime naps he sleeps better at night so thinking i may give in. lol

    Mum of 3 blues now 4!! Hes grown loads then!! Does he sleep well in the day? Yes the newborn looks go quite quick dont they. Although i must admit im enjoying him much more now hes nearly 14 weeks. Hes so adorable with his little smile.

  • Care_bear i think it's probably our fault for cuddling her so much when she was first born as she got used to sleeping on us. But she's just so adorable we couldn't resist!! I've tried moving her next to me on the settee when she's asleep, with an aim to eventually getting her into her crib. Sometimes it works. She also sleeps in her swing sometimes bur we've had to take it back as the batteries are rubbish. Just as she falls asleep it stops and she wakes up again!! Ordered a different one but it won't arrive til Tuesday image

    She's tired tho but just won't give in. She's ace at night tho so don't want to rock the boat too much!

    We've got her first swimming lesson today. We've been having baths together to get her used to the water. First time we did she did a poo!! Xx
  • Puddleduck yes thats what ive been doing on and off putting him gradually on the sofa but he norm wakes 15 mins later little monkey. Worked wen he was abit younger. But apparently at 3 months they start to hae sleep patterns similar to an adult rather than going straight to deep sleep they go in2 light sleep first for 20mins so thats why they wakes when u put them dwn.

    Vibrating bouncer is my saviour lol he sleeps in there 1hr this mrn it plays wave music so thinking of getting a cd.

    Just as an experiment ive held lo for his naps today bar the bouncer nap. Just to see whether he will sleep better tonight. As they say good daytime naps lead to good nights sleep.

    I prefer my sleep at night!!!

    Will let u know tommorrow as im sure hes OT as he has only been having 30 min naps with crying.

    Hope swimming went well

  • Hi Ladies

    Changed my name was mummy2bmack before.

    My little girl was premature so I jumped ship to you guys. She had stopped growing inside, glad to say she is making up for it now. She is 13 wks on Mon and has gone from 3lb12 down to 3lb8 and now up to 8lb11!

    She is a wee star, although finding a night routine difficult.

    She has bath and bedtime about 7.30/8 every night and goes down well but sometimes she has a feed about midnight and sleeps til about 6 or 7. Other nights she tamkes her feed about half 9 and sleeps through her next one which means she is up about 4 or 5. She always goes back down for a wee long lie though.

    She has started teething and its a shame cos she is so tiny and doesnt know whats happening to her.

    Second lot of jags on Mon!

  • Annasmummy glad your lo is doing so well. she must of been teeny weeny @ 3lb. kyle weighed 8lb 14oz so I'm trying to imagine ilw dinky your lo must still look now image

    hi care-bear hope you and Daniel are well. kyle sleeps brilliant in the day that's the problem is all back to front. think it's a noise thing coz he sleeps better when the others are shouting and charging about but as soon as they go to bed PING he's eyes are open and he's wide awake ready to play lol

    hope things are good with you puddleduck and all other mummy's that still posting x
  • Lol to the poo in the bath puddleduck - we keep waiting for that to happen!

    I had a big day yesterday - went out for the first time without baby! Left her with husband and they were fine and had a great time together which was a relief as in the couple of days before she had been really fussy with her eating and was suddenly refusing to take any EBM from a bottle which she has done since birth perfectly! Luckily it seemed that she was just having a fussy few days. It was good to have a few hours away wandering around the shops with a friend although I have to say that it was hard!

    Here comes the rant tho!!!! I posted about it on facebook, saying first afternoon out and got a reply back from a friend saying that it was about time!!! I know it's to be expected but why do other people seem to think that it's ok to impose their opinions on you and make it seems as though you are being abnormal in not taking time out from your small baby??? I realise others may have taken time out when their babies were a younger age than mine - she is just under 12 weeks - but as a first time mum who is breastfeeding I did not want, nor could I, be away from her for any length of time - not that I even particularly wanted to yesterday but I have a whole day away coming up soon when I'm going on a hen so so knew I needed to bite the bullet at some point!! Sorry rant over - just needed to get it off my chest!

    Hope all are well - it's good to see a bit more activity again!

  • Hi Im back have been missing in action for ages but am gone from facebook now so only way to communicate with you guys!

    I will check out that other forum too thanks i didnt know it ever existed!

    not a fan of this new BE but im sure we'll get used to it.

    Annasmummy Luke is the very same if he goes to bed early he will wake early if he goes later we get until 6 most mornings but typically today when i HAD to get up & be out of the house for 9am he wakes at 8.40!!!!! image

    he is teething guddo also dribbling like mad & chewing his fists almost to the bone! He weighs over a stone now the chunky monkey, taking about 5/6 oz bottles every 3/4 hours still.

    I really cannot believe how quickly its going this time he's far from the newborn floppy bundle yet it seems only a few weeks ago image

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