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fao Socks!


How are you and little Izzy?

so sorry I dont think I congratulated you, I couldnt find you for ages! CONGRATULATIONS

Im so pleased for you xxx


  • Hey hun! We are well thank you. So glad to finally be in a born in forum!! We are doing well Iz is finally sleeping a reasonable time in the night we are getting about 8 hours so I am starting to feel more human! Although I swear I have the grumpiest baby in the south west lol! She gets tired and refuses to sleep the she gets cross and just shouts, oh well she will learn! Really enjoying it though. How are you doing, any luck with no 3 yet?? xx
  • Hi again sorry I havent replied

    Still trying but having some doubts due to finances and lovin having my figure back lol

    But I will find out whether i am or not this week. If not we may put it on hold

    Glad your getting some sleep although your reply was a month ago so how is it going now?

    My youngest is a pain at the moment, she knows what she wants and wont stop until she gets it. Her tantrums are getting bigger but she is still easily distracted xx
  • Oh the figure, I long for mine back, it is getting there but very slowly! Iz does now go through the night, usually we put her down between 7 and 7.30 and then don't hear a peep until 6.30 - 7ish the next day. She did pick a night feed up a couple of times over the last couple of weeks but I think it was a growth spurt. She is also much cheerier during the day which is lovely! Sorry to hear you are having tantrum troubles! I am not looking forward to that, I have been looking after my 2 year old niece this week and she is the queen of tantrum, the Jo Frost naughty step is in full swing but she just doesn't care. She just sat on the step for an hour and a half today, all I asked her to do was put her drink on the table not the sofa but she just curled up on the stairs and glared at me. She did eventually move it. Little monkeys!! Take it you had no magic line this month xx
  • Hi Socks are you there? How are you? 😊 x 
  • Hi Socks are you there? How are you? 😊 x 
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