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this time last year ....................

I was barely or just about to become pregnant, it was this cycle last year when i got my BFP with an initial EDD of 10/11/2010 & here i am what feels like only a few months later, planning to wean my almost 4 month baby. its bloody awful!!!!!!

if i didnt have to go out to work & space & money were no object id keep having babies until i was baron!!!! :lol:

any of you lovely ladies beginning to think about the next one?



  • We will think about another eventually but not for a while yet! Am loving it but bit really sure how you do it again when you already have one to look after as have spent whole days pinned to the sofa,feeding! X
  • I thought that this weekend. I can't believe how fast that year has gone! We found out 2 days b4 our first wedding anniversary and now we're planning what to do this year with our gorgeous little girl!

    We'd definately love another one. I loved being pregnant and found the whole experience amazing. We've said we'll start thinking about it in about 18 months.

    SP that made me smile about being stuck to the sofa! I've been the same. Xx
  • Aw`I know ladies I was thinking this yesterday. We found out a week before our second wedding anniversary I remember only the weekend before I had spent th mothers day in floods of tears thinking I would never get to be a mummy little did I know I was 4 weeks pregnant! I cant wait to do it all again but will be enjoying Iz for a couple of years first!
  • I'm going to have to check when i got my first bfp lol but cant beleive it, i never thought id get this far, such an amazing journey.

    We've said we'll wait for a few years, i do get broody but atm dont want another if that makes sense lol.

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