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Wysoy - URGENT advice needed.

Morning ladies

I'm in desperate need of advice. Daniel is 10 weeks and it's suspected he is lactose intolerant. Doc has sent off two poo samples for testing and prescribed Wysoy to try in the meantime. I've been Reading that it should not be given to kids under 6 months and can even cause infertility in boys!!!! I've requested from docs that they give him Nutramigen (tried ds1 on this 3 years ago and he hated it as it tastes and smells vile!) and I'm worried he won't have it and I'll have no choice but for him to have wysoy. I'm also panicking cos ds1 had wysoy and feel shit that I may have caused him damage giving him it!! What should I do re Daniel? I'm really hoping results come back and he's not LI, but with both DS1 and I being LI until we were 3 I'm really stressing out. Please someone slap me!!!

I'm so confused atm.

Thanks ladies.



  • Have you tried Colief? Thats for lactose intolerance.
  • We have tried it previously and it didn't appear to make a difference, but we were using it alongside Infacol as well so not sure if that would alter it's effectiveness?
  • what about cow & gate comfort? its not lactose free but it is reduced lactose? it worked wonders with my last 2 & luke has had it from day 3 & not a bother with any collicky or digestion symptoms.

    My friend thought & was told her baby was lactose intolerant & was put onto soy she is now just over 4 months & back on regular formula & is fine, personally i reckon if she was lactose intolerant 3 months ago she still would be now but clearly not if regular formula is agreeing with her now. That was a long roundabout way of saying perhaps he;s not totally intolerant just needs a bit of help digesting large amounts or not as much as is in regular. I have read recently that a lot of lactose intolerant babies are wrongly diagnosed just like my friends.

    worth a shot :?

    hope you get sorted.

    4fab. x
  • I will certainly look at the comfort Hun thanks image his test results should be back tomorrow so will know one way or the other, and if it's negative will deffo be trying comfort.

  • gosh things are sooooo different over there, that friend i mentioned there was never any test just dr. said she must be! I also know of another couple whose baby cried solid for alomost 12 months they ended up they were so frustrated they arrive in A&E & refused to leave until he was diagnosed with something only then did they find he was properly lactose intolerant the poor mite imagine 12 months of pure pain image after diagnosis & then put on soy & the right diet he was a different child. he was checked for twisted gut & all sorts.

  • SMA do a Lactose free milk formula that I used with my LO from about 10 weeks old to a year old. If you can get it prescribed the bonus is it's free!

    Worked really well with LO and when she was one she was able to have cow's milk straight away - we slowly introduced dairy when weaning (i.e. cheese and yoghurts).

    Would definitely try SMA LF.
  • Did you get the results hun? Cant ofer any advice but if you are worried about side effects have you spoken to your gp? xx
  • We got the results which confirmed my suspicion, he is not lactose intolerant. I never said to doctor about lactose intolerance though, I suspect milk allergy (milk protein intolerance), which I don't think they tested him for, so will be ringing them on Monday to ask what exactly he was tested for as I never once mentioned Lactose intolerance, I made it clear that I thought it is milk allergy. I have my fingers crossed that he isn't milk protein intolerant either.

    Thank you all so much for your advice. When I'm struggling with what to do I always say to DH 'I'll ask the girls on the forum, they'll know just what to do' image

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