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Hello everyone!It's taken me 11 weeks but i am back!!

Hi, how is everyone? I had my little baby boy 11 weeks ago with a very smooth labour, went 2 days early so no hanging around and got to hospital at 12 midday and had him at 16.47. Was breastfeeding at the start but had to give up after 8 weeks following many problems with pain feeding and mastitis, and i also had postnatal depression so sharing him out made it less stressful for me. He is now thankfully sleeping after spending the first few weeks doing shifts with my husband to share the time as he was so unsettled. How are all of yourlittle bundles of joy? Anyone thinking about another, i would love to not work and have another in a couple of years but hey, needs must! Hope you are all well.xxxx


  • Heya hunnie. I decided to express breastmilk then gave that up at 3 weeks i just couldnt keep up and Millie seems to much prefer the bottle. We've said we'll wait a few years although atm i can say i dont want another but then i do get broody, mad lol

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