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Hi girls I'm back!!

Hi girls,

My goodness I just don't know where the time goes, I seem to be constantly busy with a very demanding little phoebe rose..

anyway I hope that I will manage to stay on here for a while and keep up the pace of replies, I'm lucky if I get on the laptop oncce every other day for 5 mins.

some of you may remember me throughout my pregnancy and remember when I told you I was filming for the new series of the hairy bikers mums know best.

I got my mum on there as we are both avid cooks and she has passed down recipes through the generations.

We are to appear on Thursday 24th Feb at 8pm on BBC 2, doing alfresco dining.. my mum is called Jayne and I'm claire, I was 6 months pregnant but wouldn't believe it as my bump was very neat..

Anyway I hope its not too embarrasing, I think they will make my mum look very bossy as she was in the army and make me look quiet, even though I'm not, I ,literally couldn't get a word in edgeways.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!


  • Hey nice to hear from you i will be sure to watch tonight. I don't get on here much with four little ones and we only got back from holiday yesterday (flying with 4 was "fun" lol) it seems very quiet in here at the minute. I remember you saying how your sister was desparately angling to get in front of the camera but didn't.

    Will try to post a review of your t.v debut later.

    Jo xxx
  • Hello. I've not been on for ages as it has been soooooo quiet in here so missed your tv debut! Hope it's repeated.

    Phoebe rose is such a pretty name.

    Sophie is 4 months this weekend. It's unbelievable. She's got an awful cold at the moment, she's really felt sorry for herself today. I've had it too this week and felt really rotten. We've spent most of the week feeding and cuddling! Fingers crossed she's less bunged up tomorrow.

    Other than that, she's ace. I love her so much!!

    How are you getting on? Xx
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