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anyone about anymore?

i was rosemary20 on here but i forgot my login lol so got a new identity!

hows everyone doing?

imogens now 5 months and a weeek!!! cant believe it!

so broody already an would love to expand our family immediately but we're gonna move first, get a nice big house for all the kiddies image

love being a mummy, its so magic!



  • Hi rosemary i don't think anyone really comes on here now we all pretty much just chat through the Facebook group why don't you come back and join us there?

    Glad you and imogen are well and your enjoying being a mummy it is fab isn't it image

    X x
  • Hello! It's so nice seeing a familiar person and a new post on here! Miss everyone.

    Sophie is 5 months next week. She is doing really well. She's just ace, I love her so much! She rolled over for the first time on saturday and there's been no stopping her since. She's getting a bit frustrated tho as she obviously wants to have a move about once on her tummy but can't yet!

    Have you started weaning yet? Xx
  • Hello! We have been missing you on fb. I pop in here most days but no one seems to be here anymore, bit sad really. Glad to hear Imogen is dping well, cant believe how fast Iz is growing. I want more too but we also need to move x You not on fb anymore, some of the girls were worried they had upset you x
  • Hey Rosie popped on today would like to get back into the forums as opposed to just fb!!! would be nice if our bunch came back :cry:

    When do you intend on moving? how many bedrooms as this house got? If you want more now then go for it you've all the baby stuff there already a teeny tiny new baba aint gonna take up anymore space image

  • Hi im still here but norm on bio as lo was born early and no one is on here.

    Hope ur well. Im loving being a mum too. Miss everyone on here.

    Ive been weaning since 4 months all going great hes started sleeping through too so chuffed. Hes 24 weeks next week.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

  • aw thanks ladies.

    I only have a tiny teeny 2 bed and its cramped with 3 of us lol!

    I left the facebook one after my phone packed in and then i didnt rejoin as i just decided not to.

    I would prefer to just hang here really as i cant always come online anymore and the facebook group moves too quickly, if u see what i mean?

    i am weaning, we have done for 7 weeks now, imogen was feeding so much we took the step to start and she loves it!! Its awesome, she also takes bottles now so we're mixing breast and bottle and food!

    she sleeps through most nights too, yay!

    hows everyone else getting on?

  • I know what you mean about the fb group hun it is fast moving its easier to keep track in here because the topics stay seperate! Glad weaning is going well. We started weaning Tuesday at 21 weeks. She didn't stop going through the night but Friday last week she fed 4p, 5pm, 6pm 9oz bottle of ebm at 7 followed by more boob at 7.30 and 8 before finally being sick and going to sleep. HV advised to wean. So far she has had purreed carrot as well as banana, cucumber and pepper in her hand. She seems to be taking to it quite well. I'm not sure how many days to do carrot for before doing something different? Good to hear Imogen is sleeping through too x
  • weaning is mad! I literally have been winging it lol.

    I started on jars and now make my own as its easier and cheaper.

    Imogen has veggies and such as shes now 24 weeks and we started at 18 weeks (could not feed 2 hourly anymore) and she loves it, she isnt a fan of meat though, so might stop giving her it for a few weeks or so.

    I dunno why i suddenly stopped liking the facebook group, i guess because imogen is so far ahead of some of the babies i felt i didnt have much in common :?

    good to hear about ur bubs xxx
  • Hi Rosemary

    I havent been on here in ages! Didnt even get to write a birth story LOL!!

    I havent been on fb group in ages either, after having Zach & staying in hospital till he was a week old & then xmas I just couldnt find the time & not in a rude way but just wanted to chill with my new family rather than be online.

    Now i feel a bit bad if I just start chatting on there LOL!!

    Would like to get on here more & prob would but I feel like theres no one here really!

    Think i'll try & make more efffort.

    ANyway enough of me how are you & imogen?

  • Whoo hoo! More new posts! So glad to see some familiar names.

    Sophie's 23 weeks and I'm still exclusively BF. I'm trying to increase the gap between feeds cos like you rosemary she can want feeding every couple of hours. She does sleep through the night tho so I don't want to change too much invade that changes!

    I've Bern giving her baby rice or porridge for brekkie and she's tried carrot and banana. But I wasn't sure if she actually needed it just yet so held off for a bit. She's got a cold now so might start her on the carrot again next week. I was told to introduce new foods in blocks of 3 days to check for allergies etc.

    Laujai if you want to do your birth story now, I'd read it! I'm not on fb and never have been!!
  • Ive got a whole stock in the freezer lol, all diff veggies and fruits he loves everything.

    This week weve started with chicken casserole ive also got pork casserole frozen and a fish meal he hasnt tried the pork or fish yet though. He has 3 meals a day now.

    I never joined face book ive always preffered to stay here.

    Nice to hear from you all

  • Its nice to come back on here, I do wish it was the same here as in everyone still popping on when time.

    Puddleduck I might do my birth story then when i get some time as I think getting it written down will help me as i still think about it alot!, I posted in traumatic births & 27 people have viewed but no one replied!

    Zach is 19 weeks today.

    He has baby rice once a day. Zach was feeding every 2-3 hours & not increasing the amount he was having as he was always watching us eat i decided to try the rice & he loves it. We havent tried anything else yet as i dont want to rush him.

  • hey everyone,

    I pop on here alot still, but not on FB group anymore, as you say it's very fast moving, and I was missing alot of posts etc.

    So pleased to see everyone is getting on well with things, Oliver is 22 + 2 and is now being weaned, he loves pears and apples! he has tried, carrot, sweet potato, blueberries, mango and suede and he loves it all bless him.

    He is still on about 8oz of bottles but doesn't alway take the full bottle, usually leave about 2oz?

  • Laujai if you had a bad experience I think writing it down might help. it might give you a bit of clarity. It's upsetting when you see your posts viewed but unanswered. I didn't realise you had a tough time, I'm sorry. I picked up in your last post that you were in hospital for a week. Was it from complications? Xx
  • laujai we're always here for you if u want to tell us what happened, it can help to write it down?

    i am weaning a bit more than most of you ladies.

    imogen has porrige for breakfast, something puree for lunch a snack (usually banana) during the day and then dinner. She has boobs in the morning and evening and then bottles of formula during day. She only took bottles when we started weaning so that was annoying but at least we're ok now.

    my meals are from the annabel karmel book and i have a freezer full!! its mad!
  • Ive got the annabel karmel book too very good recipes. Although ive been making some of my own up as he has meat now at lunch and sometimes abit a tea. He has 3 good meals a day ,finger food and 3x 7oz bottles now so no night feeds and he generally sleeps through.

    Really enjoying the weaning process! Hes 26 weeks nearly now cant believe how time flys.

    Do you all go to baby groups ?i find i have more of a social life now than when i worked full time lol! Only going back 2 days a week to work so not too bad. When are u all going back?

  • i dont work so no going back for me! i go out a lot, i find imogen gets bored at home!

    i go to music groups, swimming once a week and seeing my mummy friends and some nct stuff.

    i still bf and also give her some bottles of aptimal but at the moment if she wakes in the night i am naughty and boob feed her to sleep!
  • Quite looking forward to doing 2 days at work to have abit of independance back but still 5 full days with lo. He will be with hubby anyways so not bad.

    Is Imogen sleeping in her cot now ?i remember u had a few probs in the beggining with her wanting to co-sleep. My lo was like this but stuck with putting him in cot and comforted him in there. Now he loves the his own room and cot.Hopefully will start ttc in 12 months or so. Looking forward.

    Will feel so much more confident in trusting my own instinct rather than the books.

  • I know what you mean about having a busier social life these days. We do baby yoga and baby swimming every week with the girls from nct. We spend more time eating cake than we do with the actual lessons tho. Sophie loves being out so we try and go out mist days.

    We've upped the food intake. She's now on 3 meals a day and is much happier. She was really unsettled for a week or so, so decided to try and start a routine of eating then napping and it's going ok so far- very early days though.

    I'm hoping to go back to work part time but haven't spoken to my boss yet so not sure what they'll say. We've put sophie's name down at a very nice nursery near us that has an outstanding ofsted report.

    We've tried to give sophie some formula the past few days. Just need a little more flexibility from bf. I need to speak to my hv to get a routine for meal times and milk times as I'm not 100% sure when to do it all. How did you all get your routines? Xx
  • Feeling very left behind on the weaning. kyle 19wks now and we haven't started yet coz i just don't think he ready.

    I know what you mean about the facebook group i don't post on there much coz kyle is the youngest he's not doing half what the others are doing so don't feel i can often comment coz kyle hasn't either achieved or begun what the other babas have. But i do still enjoy reading what the others are upto image

    Hope we all still keeping popping back on here x
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