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ttc number 2 soon hopefully!!!!!!!

Hurrah! I never thought I'd be pleased to see af arrive, finally. Still bf but Jacob's finally started sleeping for longer at night (still no where near sleeping all through but still).

Hopefully this means now that we can start ttc number 2. Knowing my luck we'll be doing 2ww just as I'm about to get married and will be worrying if I drink too much!

I think I might be mad though...when on earth will we find the time to bd in the first place?! xxxx


  • I think I might be mad though...when on earth will we find the time to bd in the first place?! xxxx :lol::lol::lol:

    I know what you mean. It was quite a marathon at times when we were TTC what with the obvious deed then lying with your legs in the air for however long! Not easy to do with a LO around requiring attention!!

    When are you getting married? Xx
  • We are also gonna ttc number 2 hence my return to this website and a change of name!!!

    I am off pill as of 3rd June so let's see what happens... Fell first month ttc with baby 1...

    Gd luck xx
  • oooh me too!

    hopefully lol

    ps muppet, imogen misses j xxx
  • Yay!! So quite a few of us ttc no 2 atm then?! The race is on...although feel quite bloated so reckon af is on her way image boooooo (secretly pleased though as we've been so busy that morning sickness added into the equation would not be good!)

    Getting married on 23rd July - not long...we only booked it a couple of months ago. Getting close now and I'm sure there's tons to do but nevermind, what ever gets done, gets done as long as the two of us turn up (with Jacob of course) that's all that matters.

    Awwww @ Rosie...Jacob will see Imogen soon. She has to teach him to crawl image
  • heehee roll on friday for imogen and jacobs meet up image so excited!

    i dunno if we're pregnant... dont feel like i did with imogen, weird.

    but! my skin is good.... which nevers happens with af... so confused!

    wahay about the wedding, if u need any help i am always aboput (my calling was to be a wedding planner but i had babies instead lol) plus i do love a good wedding image
  • Not long til first af after stopping pill... Eek image

    It'll be our first month ttc in July so I'm a lil nervous and excited... I so miss having a bump!

  • eeeeek!

    i am too chicken to test!!

    we're going to start trying in july me thinks!

    properly :P
  • Hi girls!

    I've got number 2 on the way, me & hubby must have had a little accident!! imageops:

    We are over the moon, im due January 15th, alfie will be 14 months!

  • wow ruth thats fab!!

    how far along are you now??

  • Yay for Ruthy!!! I am a tad jealous though lol image

    I agree MrsMac, I miss my bump too...oh asked again today when are we going to try for #2 and I said anytime except I don't even know if I'm ovulating!

    I feel tons more relaxed this time round but I think it's because I know nothing can happen until af returns properly. I never thought I'd look forward to that day ha ha.

    Lol @ def should become a wedding planner it'd suit you, or an events person doing festival organisation! I think your calling is mums, dads and babies festival of Southamptonimage x
  • haha well im a member of the NCT southampton group so could help organise some stuff :P

    my AF is still not here, week 6 now!!!! why hasnt it shown up again?? why only give me one??? weird times.

    we're bd-ing every other day just in case lol
  • On first af since coming off pill a month ago... July will be first mth ttc no 2 if I don't chicken out!

    Baby in our room still so might make bd'ing a bit difficult. Maybe it's time to move him into his room!

    Gd luck everyone and congrats Ruth x
  • haha mrsmac! we find finding time to have sex quite hard as we're so bloody tired!!

    imogens been in her own room for 4 months so thats quite nice i guess.

    no af still for me, 6.5 weeks now since my first one... weird!
  • Hope your wedding goes ok tomorrow muppet! x
  • Congrats Ruth. So exciting!

    I can't wait to have my bump back. I loved being pregnant and hope it doesn't take too long this time! It took us 13 mths last time and lots of heartache and sysmptom spotting!

  • Congrats Ruth, Rosie & muppet!

    Any news mrs mac? I remember us testing at similar times on YAYB!!

    Mtbchick - are you ttc?x
  • woooohoooo to everyone!

    had scan today, am measuring 7-8 weeks, still no edd... oh well!
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